How to Grow Online Business with Facebook Ads in 2020

    The other day I went to a coffee shop with one
    of my friends. The place was pretty great and out of curiosity, I asked her where she came to know about this place. (Not to my surprise) she told me
    that she came across their Facebook ad and then went to check on their Facebook
    business page. The pictures they had posted seemed appealing to her and they
    had good reviews as well, and that is how she discovered and finally made the
    decision of dropping by.
    On our way back we went on discussing how
    Facebook marketing has become a great tool for local businesses. Though it is
    quite comprehensible for a platform with 2.6 billion users to be one of the
    best tools for social media marketing. And among all these features, perhaps
    the Facebook ad feature is the easiest and effective way to reach out to your
    potential customer. But surprisingly I don’t see many people using it, and that
    is why I decided to write about this great social media marketing tool and share
    it with you guys. So that you can make use of it to its full potential.
    So, today we will be discussing:

    1. How to create your very own Facebook
      Business Page

    2. How to use the Facebook ads feature

    3. How to ace the Facebook marketing
      strategy using Facebook ads in 2020
    4. Bonus
      (read till the end to find out)
    So, without any further ado, let’s get
    1. How to create
    your very own Facebook Business Page

    If you use Facebook, then there is a 99.99% the chance that you know about the Facebook page feature. Facebook Business Page is
    kind of similar to the regular Facebook page, but with a heap load of added
    advantages, including Facebook ad. If you are a local business and want to take
    your business online, then the first step is to sign up for the Facebook Business
    Page, since it is undoubtedly the best social marketing tool available to you
    with never-ending possibilities. Follow our guide below to know how to set up
    your very own Facebook Business Page and get started.

    Steps to create a Facebook Business Page:
    1. Before
      getting started with your business page, be sure to be logged in to
      Facebook from your personal Facebook account. (Don’t worry, your personal
      data will remain safe) Then, go to this link:
    2. According
      to your requirement, choose a specific page type. You will be provided with a list including business, public figure, brand or community.
    3. Input
      all the basic information about your business
    Do not abandon your page in the middle of the
    No one ones to hear an incomplete story, just
    like no one will be interested to know about an incomplete Facebook business
    page, let alone the business itself. Think of it like this, what would make
    them interested if they find nothing at all to feed upon? Or, what if they want
    some product or service urgently and therefore need to get in touch with you as
    soon as possible, but you have not enlisted a phone number, because you were
    too lazy do to that! As a result, they will turn up to your competitor. Do not
    let that happen.
    Make sure to add

    1. A
       Few sweet simple lines describing who you are and what kind of service or the product you offer.
    2. Contact information: This is the most important thing to include if you want your potential customers to reach out to you. Add your business contact number, email id.
      Even you add your website link if you want to and if you have one.
    3. Relevant information: It is important to include all the relevant information including price range, operating hours, privacy policy. It is not plausible for your customer to reach out to you with every little query they have.
    4. A
      CTA (call-to-action) button: 
      This button will create easy access for your customers to either reach out or shop products from your business.
    5. A
      By default, Facebook will provide a username to your business page. But, you can and should customize your Facebook username. You can either use your brand name or go for something catchier and search-friendly.
    6. Pictures: Pictures make your page look more lucrative, appealing and easily reliable. So, when asked to add a profile picture and cover photo, do not shy away. Take advantage of these spaces and make full use of these.
    Now when you are done setting up an appealing
    and lucrative Facebook Business page, let’s move on to our next and main

    2.How to use the
    Facebook ads feature
    There are multiple steps to create a Facebook
    ad campaign. Allow me to guide you through.
    • Assign
       To create a campaign first you will need to log into your Facebook business page. Once logged in, you shall notice a blue button on the bottom left corner of your page, click on that. A web page consisting of 11 marketing objectives will open up. Here you have to choose one depending upon the goal you want to accomplish through the Facebook ad campaign.
    • Add
      images and text:
       Remember that you are creating the ad to attract customers and not to shoo them away. No one will pay attention to it unless it looks catchy and inviting.
      So, spend some time on selecting the most suitable and pleasing images and some more on crafting the short yet informative ad copy for your potential customers.
    • Choose
      the target audience:
       Target audience are people whom you want to see your ad or likely to engage with your business. For instance, if you are a makeup brand, then people between the age group of 18 to 40 will make the perfect target audience group.
      There are many more options available that you can use to tell Facebook whom you want to see the ad.
    • Fix
      a budget:
      a budget for Facebook is one of the most important parts of creating a
      Facebook ad since it’s going to have an impact on the reach of the advertisement. Fixing a budget is like telling Facebook that for how long you want your ad to be shown. You will also be provided with an estimation of the number of people your ad will reach out to, depending upon the sum you are willing to pay. Next, you have to select the payment method.
    • Send
      it for review:
       After you complete the procedure your ad will get reviewed by Facebook to make sure it does not violate their terms and policies. Getting a green signal from the team will make your ad appear straight across your target audiences’ devices.
    • Edit if needed: You can keep track of your ad’s performance and accordingly take decisions about editing the advertisement or even pause the advertisement.
    Once you get completed with the creation of
    your customized advertisement, next it is time for you to put all your Facebook
    marketing strategies in use.

    3. How to ace the
    Facebook marketing strategy using Facebook ads in 2020

    Social media marketing strategies are
    different are not quite similar to the physical marketing strategies that you
    use to attract customers. It takes some totally different set of skills to
    actually build and run a campaign over social media platform. And that is why I
    have brought together some pro tips of all time to help you understand Facebook
    marketing strategies. Follow along.
    1. Keep experimenting
    While working with digital media it is very
    important to keep experimenting with your viewers. While it is important to
    start by taking small steps, it is also important to explore on the go.
    Start with a small group of a targeted
    audience and slowly, as you grow, keep broadening the area of interest, so
    people with different taste engage themselves with your business eventually.

    2. Try out Facebook Tools
    Sometimes it is all about trying the correct
    tools. Facebook Pixel is such an amazing and useful tool that you should try
    out if you want to optimize your Facebook advertisements and use the data
    retrieved from your ad campaigns. Facebook pixel is just a code that you can
    input in your website. This little thing can have a long-running impact. If you
    want to track your conversions and want to remarket your service or products to
    people who have visited your website in search of a product or service, or you
    want to reach out people with the same interest as your existing customers,
    then you should start using it right away.

    3. Use better images
    The first thing that people will notice about
    your advertisement is visual. So, using a boring, bad quality picture is a big
    no-no. Use better quality images and videos that make your ad look good and
    give your audience a reason to eventually visit your website or business page.

    4. Keep track
    It is important to keep experimenting with new
    ideas and new tools, but it is also very important to keep track of how your
    ideas are working out. Comparing your new Facebook ads and Facebook marketing
    strategies with previous ones gives you a perspective. Based on this data you
    can eventually plan your next move and FaceBook Ads maker

    5. Always use the optimization technique
    Knowing what works best for you, is the key to
    winning the battle of social media marketing strategy. Keep an eye on the
    Facebook ads manager dashboard, so you can evaluate which ad is serving your
    purpose the best. Start with multiple ads and small budgets. Once you have that
    one winner, make it your primary ad campaign.
    So, these were the golden rules that might
    help you in your journey. And, now is the time to reveal the bonus topic of discussion.

    4. Bonus
    If you are a local business based in India,
    then this one is exclusively for you. While it is important to use all the
    tools available to you, it is not possible to know every little trick and
    tweaks about the marketing world. And, when it comes to social media marketing,
    the rules of the game drastically change. You need to reach out to someone who
    is an expert in this field and can help you to make it through. is such a Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi that can help you understand the science behind
    social media marketing, including but not limited to Facebook marketing. Their
    team of experts will not only create it from scratch but use it methodically
    and optimize to get optimal results.

    To work with you don’t even
    need to the basics of social media marketing since they will explain all of it
    to you. They will customize it according to your needs and goals, elaborate it
    to you for your better understanding and share with you the statistical and
    analytical results on weekly basis, so you have a clear idea on your stand.

    Imagine having a 24/7 marketing guide who will
    create all the strategies and even evaluate them for you.
    will be just the guide you need to take your business online.
    The world is going virtual and norms are
    changing with every passing day, so if you want to avoid any backlog, it will
    be highly recommended for you to reach out to the team. Their
    team of experts have devoted their days and nights in serving your purpose and
    make social media marketing a cakewalk for you. 

    If you face any issue on Facebook ads or any other issue related to Facebook then contact Facebook customer service number here you will get the most effective and immediate solution to fix your problem.

    In a world where the majority of people reach
    out to the internet for their queries, it is important to mark your virtual
    presence. Chances are that you will find your next potential customer over some
    social media platform, rather than anywhere else. So, using the available tools
    are important. But using them properly is more important. The world of social
    media marketing can get scary at times. Sadly, the chances of your data being
    misused are pretty high. Thoughtengine, unlike other social media marketing
    companies, is highly reliable. Your safety is their priority.
    So, make a wise choice and become a part of
    the Thought Engine family.

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