How to Recover Permanently Deleted Messages on Facebook on pc

    Hey, have you ever literally banged your head
    in search of an answer to the question “how to recover deleted messages on
    Facebook?” I know I have. It can be really frustrating to lose a message thread
    with your favorite person, or with a client, if you Facebook for your business.
    Loss of data is the last thing that you would want to happen, especially if you
    are dealing with something very Important or perhaps, close to your heart.
    That is why today in this article I am going
    to share with you 3 different ways that will hopefully answer your question,
    “how to recover deleted messages on Facebook?”. So, let’s dive into it.

    1. Check properly
    and check everywhere

    Even if it sounds strange, but the truth is
    that the chances of your Facebook message threads getting deleted accidentally
    are pretty thin. Every time you head towards to delete a Facebook message
    thread, Facebook is going to ask for confirmation of your action. So, without
    getting all panic-stricken, go through your Facebook messenger inbox twice or even
    thrice if possible. If you are very much active on Facebook messenger then your
    messages can get buried under a pile of other chats.
    Also, do not forget to check in the archive
    folder. Select the gear icon available in the messenger settings panel and click
    on the Archive Threads icon.

    The best way to recover messages though is to
    have it backed up since the very former stage. So, if you have been smart
    enough to set up an email notification for your messages, then you are all
    safe. Go to your mail inbox and see if you have the messages lying there safe
    and sound.

    2. Ask your chat
    partner to send a copy of the message thread

    Depending upon how close you are with your
    chat partner, this can be an alternate option for you. Remember when you are
    deleting a single message or a message thread, for that matter, it gets deleted
    from your system but remains intact in your chat partners system(unless you
    choose to remove for everyone or they themselves remove it from their system).
    So, if possible, you can ask them to send a copy of the messages or a
    screenshot if they are kind of lazy heads.
    But if none of the above-mentioned options
    works for you, then I will suggest you go for the ultimatum if the messages
    were really important and you want to or need to recover the Facebook messages

    3. Download a
    copy of Facebook data

    Downloading your Facebook archive data can
    bring back your deleted Facebook messages. Follow the steps mentioned below to
    know how to do it:

    • Log into your Facebook profile from your
    • Head towards Menu or Settings
    • At the bottom left corner of the general
      account settings panel, you will see the “Download a copy of your Facebook
      data” button. Click on it.
    • Now a “download archive” prompt will open up.
      Click on that button.
    • Next, you will need to enter your password.
    • Once after submitting your password, your
      Facebook data will get downloaded in your computer as a zip file.
    • Open the zip file and go to the file named
    • Here you will find a web page named messages
      along with other retrieved data.
    • Click on it and you will be led to a new web the page where the deleted messages will be shown.

    So that is how you can recover your
    permanently deleted messages.

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