How to Make a Screenshot in a Samsung Galaxy A10 | Scroll and Voice Screenshot

    Today, I’m Show 4th
    method to Take a screenshot in  Samsung Galaxy A10 by this Article. You
    can take a Screenshot In Samsung Galaxy A10 with easy step by step.
    Samsung Galaxy A10 Smartphone
    Android Version 8.0 operating system
    Galaxy A10 Dimensions:155.6 x 75.6 x 7.9 mm,Samsung Galaxy A10 device
    weight:168 grams,,Screen Size of Samsung Galaxy 6.2 inches,,Screen Resolution
    of Samsung Galaxy A10:720 x 1520 pixels,,System processor core of Samsung
    Galaxy A9:Octa-core,RAM Memory of Samsung Galaxy A10 2 GB,Internal Memory of
    Samsung Galaxy A10:32 GB, Samsung Galaxy A10 Smartphone powered by Oreo.You can Follow this Article for 
    How to Make a Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy A31
     Here is 4th method give below You follow the same step, as well as given below.
    The First
    Method to Take a screenshot in your Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A10)

    >>Go the Mobile or Phone screen you want to capture the screen.

    >>Press both buttons together Screen lock button and Volume down button

    >> Screenshot or captured image will be automatically saved in your
    gallery Folder  of your Samsung

    4-  >>Open the Notifications bar  Just Click on the captured image and click on
    the Share button to send it to your throughSocial Media.
    The Second Method to make a screenshot in Samsung
    Galaxy A10 Smartphone Using Setting
    Go the >Setting
    Now click on >Accessibility
    and click on >Dexterity and
    and after turn on Assistance


    When you Turn on the
    Assistance menu,

    Then, Go to the Mobile
    or Cell phone screen you want to capture the screen in your Samsung Galaxy A10

    2. Click the Assistance Menu Icon
    3. Now Click the Screenshot
    4. Will be Done Screenshot and automatic Save in Gallery Folder

    How to Take voice
    screenshot or Capture in Samsung Galaxy A10

    Open Google
    in your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. if you configure the Google assistance.
    then, Simply say,”Hey Bixby, take
    the screenshot
    “, and Bixby will give your Receponce, You can even
    string together complex commands and say “Hey Bixby, take a screenshot, and share on Instagram.”
    How to Take a
    Scrolling Screenshot or Capture in Samsung Galaxy A10

    Are you want to take a long or Scrolling Screenshot in your
    Samsung Galaxy Phone. Here is give a simple method to take Scrolling Screenshot
    in your Samsung Galaxy Phone. you follow the same process and step.

    1. Go on the Mobile screen. you want to capture

    2.Press the Power Lock and Volume Down Bottan with Together
    When the Smart Capture menu appears on your Smartphone, tap
    the scroll capture icon

    Then, tap it a second time to begin the scroll capture
    process. Keep tapping the icon until it reaches the bottom of the page or your
    desired location.
    When will be done capture.

    How to Find Capture
    or Screenshot Image in your Phone.

    Go to the Mobile Phone Screen and Open the Gallery Folder,
    Then will see your Capture
    Note: The Smart Capture icon will not appear until
    you are on a large web page, app screen, or image that needs to be scrolled. It
    may not work on some websites.
    When will be done a Screenshot in your Samsung Galaxy A10
    Smartphone. You can send useful screenshot through social network like,
    Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook and Etc.

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