How Many likes Does it Take to Monetize Your Facebook Page?

    Facebook is a very popular and
    largely famous social media platform. No other social media is as big as
    Facebook as it has been in the market since long. Facebook has around 500000
    new uses every day and 2.7 billion uses who are active monthly. With such a
    huge number you need to level up your game of achieving more Facebook page
    Facebook does allow monetization but
    the process is different from that of other platforms. You need a certain
    number of likes and views to monetize. Your page should have at least 10,000
    likes and you are also required to have 30000 (1 minute per video) views on
    your videos which are of at least 3 minutes that also in the last 60 days.
    Therefore you can very well understand that the criteria for monetization on
    Facebook are not very easy to accomplish.

    Aspects for Facebook Monetization
    Moreover, your videos should be
    original which must be made by you and not shared or posted in the form of a
    link from other platforms like YouTube or Twitter. If you have thought of
    monitoring your content, be very particular about uploading your videos
    originally and not merely linking it to other platforms cause this won’t work
    at all.
    To be very precise about
    monetization on Facebook it is not similar to YouTube. Facebook is not very
    largely oriented towards search and thus more inclined towards showing to the
    users from the content from the pages that they are connected to. This can
    definitely be a big challenge for the pages on Facebook that are new because
    building connections at one go is not possible instantly unless you have a good
    fan base previously on some other page.
    YouTube is a little easier as you
    can start your own channel and people can reach a channel by search and this
    will increase your views. Whereas on Facebook you need to work on networking at
    first because it is your content that is going to play a major role. Here only
    your content Can attract a lot of traffic.

    does Facebook Monetization Mean?
    Monetization means the method of
    making money by using the platform of Facebook. You need to employ proper
    strategies to make your Facebook page qualified enough for Facebook
    Always remember that you are present
    on Facebook to earn money only where you add something of value for your
    audience. This will stand true because you are about to make a brand which will
    need engagement. Only your Facebook users will give you this engagement.
    Therefore you need to focus on the content and the products which you are
    putting up on your Facebook page. Therefore, it is always advisable to
    cross-check your post before it goes public.

    Functioning of Facebook Monetization
    Before we get started with the
    working of Facebook monetization it is very important to know how previous data
    for brands affect Facebook.
    Facebook has entered strict scrutiny
    to check its several violations of privacy. This has made Facebook marketing a
    little tedious. Everyone must be thinking that is marketing a Facebook waste of
    It is an intriguing question. People
    have become hesitant about spending money on Facebook marketing and monetizing.
    Facebook page has still a lot of potentials. If you go through the correct
    means and be consistent in your approach, success will pave your way.
    When you come across a message that
    a Facebook page isn’t eligible for Facebook monetization this definitely means
    that your Facebook page needs to have additional requirements so that it
    qualifies the norms. Read on further to get an insight into the necessary
    prerequisites that Facebook establishes in order to enable Facebook
    • Your Facebook page must go in sync with Facebook’s partner monetization policies. These revolve around community standards copyright enforcement engagement and authenticity.
    • You must be residing in The Eligible countries which Facebook has listed and your content must be in one of the eligible languages which Facebook suggests. If the language of your country is not listed in the list of Facebook, do not get disheartened because with increasing popularity Facebook is growing the list very rapidly.
    • The videos must be posted on the Facebook page and not on your personal Facebook profile. Your Facebook page must have at least 10,000 fans full stop in some regions it is also up to 1000. Therefore, you must check the number of your region
    • Your Facebook page must have 15000 engagements, 180000 minutes views on all the videos. All 30000 1 minute view on the videos which must be of at least 3 minutes. All these videos must be posted at least 60 days before you are going to apply for monetization.
    • The Facebook page owner must be of 18 years of age. You cannot monetize your Facebook page if you are not 18 years old.

    Nowadays people are using digital
    marketing strategies to achieve success very quickly. You can also Get Real Facebook page likes from trusted
    companies to ensure that you do not indulge in any task which might risk your
    The eligibility check is very
    important for proper monetization.
    If you want to manage to monetize your
    Facebook page your every video published on the Facebook page will go through
    the content review process automatically. The review of the video starts at the
    moment you have published it. There is also a possibility for Limited revenue
    when the video is under review phase.
    Try to be very particular about your
    niche because focusing on your niche will enable you to remain confined to your
    potential users. Do not post videos that have a static image or looping clips
    or text overlay. Motion videos will capture more attention of the audience
    rather than the static one. You can take help of simple editing tools that are
    available for free.
    Vibrant videos grab more attention
    of the users. The more efforts you take to do things, the more enticing it will
    be. Efforts along with good marketing strategy work best in today’s world where
    everyone is involved in bringing online reputation.
    You can Real Facebook Page Likes from a reputed company like buysocialbuzz
    to make your monetization process easier. They have been in this industry
    because of their knowledge and expertise. They are well-versed with modern
    technology and social media trends

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