Erectile Dysfunction and Its Connection with The Heart


    Almost eighteen million people per annum die due to cardiac diseases.
    It is termed to be the foremost cause of deaths. Almost 5.5% adults in
    Australia are suffering from one or the other cardiac diseases and every one in
    four deaths is due to these issues!

    An issue with such lethal outcomes should be checked on from
    its initial point, preventative measures should also be sought in from its
    initial stages. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is considered to be one of the
    earliest symptoms of an underlying problem.

    ED is the inability to attain or retain firmness in the
    penis long enough for the completion of the sexual intercourse. This is one of
    the most prevailing sexual issues worldwide. In Australia alone, one million
    men suffer from this issue!

    An erection is the result of a combination of the functions
    and stimulating reactions involving emotions, hormones, brains, nervous system
    and blood circulatory system. A defect in any of the aforementioned functions
    can result in erectile dysfunction!

    Emotions stimulate the system which results in the muscles
    of the penis relaxing and the blood vessels expanding as a result of which
    blood flows in them and erection occurs. As heart is the core blood provider,
    any problem such as deposition of fatty clots in the vessels creates hindrance
    to the flow of blood in the delicate vessels of the penis.

    Issues like diabetes, blood pressure, increase in the
    cholesterol level, obesity, consumption of unhealthy foods, unhealthy living
    style give rise to many cardiovascular pathologies. This contributes towards ED
    development in  the long run.

    ED is also caused by psychological issues including
    depression, stress, anxiety, peer pressures and other such mental problems.

    Testosterone hormone is responsible for initiating the
    process of intercourse. This hormone not only boosts the sex drive but also
    assists erection. Low testosterone, thus at times becomes a factor leading
    towards ED.


    Oral medication is accepted as the foremost option of
    treatment for ED. The patient is prescribed these medicines depending on their
    need and particular problem they are facing. These pills help in attaining and
    sustaining the erection by assisting the natural process and increasing the
    production of nitric acid in the body. Nitric oxide is a potent vasodilator in
    our body and functions to dilate the blood vessels of the penis making it erect
    long enough for the intercourse to occur.

    Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Avanafil are the common PDE-5s
    available in the market. These medicines are available on prescription onlyand
    should be taken after consulting from a specialist.

    Testosterone injections and patches to overcome the
    deficiency are also prescribed in the cases where the levels are far too low
    and are impacting the erection.

    Other solutions include physical vacuum device and surgeries
    to cure the issue. The former is a plastic device which increases the blood
    flow by creating a vacuum and pressure. After the flow it clamps the veins to
    retain erection till required.

    The latter is performed when all the other options become
    unsuccessful.  Surgeries are performed to
    rectify physical issues whileimplants are placed in the body which helps in
    retaining firmness and performing the complete physical act.

    Early diagnosis with immediate treatment will help in
    reducing and curing the issue. ED is a medical problem; therefore it should be treated
    like any other disease. As per a study, only 30% of Australian men with this problem
    openly seek help! Acceptance of the issue along with open conversation with ones
    partner and a doctor can surely help in identifying the underlying core problem
    of the issue.

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