How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Outline?

    Outlines play significant roles in understanding a subject or matter easily without wasting too much time. The outline provides a clear idea about the subject or matter discussed in the essay.  A compare and contrast essay is about the critical evaluation of something or provides an idea to evaluate critically by describing similarities and differences. The primary motive of a compare and contrast essay is to identify the subject’s differences and similarities. In this post, MBA Essay Writing you learn how to write a compare and contrast essay outline..

    Importance of a Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

    Everyone wants to achieve A+ grades, so you need to understand the importance of the compare and contrast essay outline. The outline should have a clear idea about the two subjects that are comparing. These two subjects are different but should be comparable through analyzing similarities and differences. Describe the common understanding of both subjects and shows as you are a professional. An outline should include major critical points of the essay. There are the following steps discussed below on how to write a compare and contrast essay outline:

    Choose Subject
    Both subjects should be different that would be selected to compare and contrast. The two subjects should be ballpark that helps to create a compare and contrast essay’s outline. First of all, analyze and read both subjects that have been selected. Make a critical evaluation of them and find the advantages and disadvantages of both. It is essential to find similarities and differences between both subjects that help write a compare and contrast essay. After a critical analysis, make a list of crucial points that play significant roles. The key points help to write a compare and contrast essay outline. You always find two subjects that can be compared to each other such as Generation Y and Z, Python vs. Java, Java vs. C++, etc.

    Focus on the Major Argument
    When you think about writing a compare and contrast essay, focus on the major argument that appropriately describes an extensive material. Sometimes it is difficult to understand a document or a book because of large content, and then you should focus on the significant argument. Focus on the crucial topic’s similarities and differences and find the significant argument that needs to explain.

    Remarks or Highlights the Major Point during Reading
    When reading a book or large documents to compare and contrast with another one, it may not be easy to remind all of the content described in the book or the document. So it is essential to remark or highlight the major points in the book during reading. These highlighted points help focus on the major argument and write a compare and contrast essay outline.

    Brainstorm Similarities and Differences
    After analyzing both subjects that you have selected for compare and contrast, make two lists in which one lists both subjects’ similarities and differences. A Venn diagram can provide help in this process if you are a visual person. For each of the topics that you are going to compare, make the two circles of overlapping. Different features are noted separately within the common space they occupy. It is good graphic support since it simply structures similarities and distinctions. Only look at the Venn graph and get an idea of what you should talk about. You have to do something. If you want to work on one subject at a time, take a look at the lists and roll them to the other side with the other object on a blank sheet of paper. I remember holding somewhat parallel characteristics of the respective topics.

    Develop a Thesis Statement
    When you find similarities and differences between both subjects, try to understand the relation between them. This process helps to develop a strong thesis statement that becomes the roadmap of your essay. Thesis statement is a key point that provides whole information about the compare and contrast essay.

    Point by Point Outline
    The outline should be run point by point in which, first of all, you should define the major points that are essential for understanding both subjects compared. It is helpful when comparing items or topics and provides a clear comparison. First of all, provide introduction key points and then describe the major points of the body and, in the end, mention all of the concluding points. Outline all of the paragraphs that will be discuss. It is essential to map out the major points of the summary.

    In the final stage of writing a compare and contrast essay outline, I would suggest evaluating all of the points you have decided or prepared for outlining. You can remove or add some new points in the outline if something right or wrong. A deep evaluation needs to determine the outline is appropriate or not, college essay writing so critically evaluate all the discussed outline points.

    Finally, a compare and contrast essay’s outline highlights the similarities and differences between the two subjects. By following all of the points, you can write a compare and contrast essay outline and achieve A+ grades.


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