Five Effective Tips to Weatherproof Your Home

    The ones who thought that finding a great property and arranging for the desired finances to get its ownership was challenging, you will know once you move in – the maintenance is actually the hardest. Buying a home is a big accomplishment, but keeping it in the right condition requires more effort. 

    The threat of weather is something you have to keep your eyes on constantly. Whether it is summer or winter, the temperature outside never matches indoors. So, you have to seal your home properly and weatherproof it accordingly to ensure a comfortable living for you and your family. 

    If you have a leaky house, you will see an immense impact on your heating and air system, utility bills, and the environment around you. But, with the help of the following tips, you may successfully keep your structure safe and energy consumption low 

    1.Inspect Your Roof

    Fluctuating temperatures, speedy winds, and heavy downpours can cause more trouble to your home’s roofing than anything else. These unpredictable weather conditions can take a severe toll on the roof structure and the building exteriors, making the deteriorating insulation even worse. So, before minor curls or cracks in the roof shingles leads to major leaks, you must call for an emergency fix.

    2.Do Your Wall Repairs

    Just like your roof, your house walls take quite a hit from the weather. Any crack or puffed out part can cause the water to penetrate inside and damage the interior. If ignored for long, it can soon become an expensive structural problem. Hence, you must repair the cracks as you see. Do it yourself or call for an expert – just be proactive.

    3.Update Your HVAC System

    Older heating and cooling systems weren’t as effective as you see today. They don’t convert energy well and instead waste it more. And because HVAC consumes the most electricity, it has to be as energy-efficient as possible to ensure cozy indoors with lesser utility bills. A sensible move you can take here is to call for an inspection officer and get a new HVAC for your home.

    4..Use Weatherstripping

    Buildings lose comfort indoors mostly during the winter time because of cracks around the doors and windows. And, these leaks are pretty annoying to identify. So, an easy trick is to light a candle and move it around your windows and doors – wherever it flickers, it is a draft. The only way to fix it is to install weatherstripping especially on exterior doors and the garage entrance. Don’t forget the windows.

    5. Install Thermally Broken Windows

    If your windows are old and worn out, make sure you give it the fixing it needs. If possible, invest in ‘thermally broken’ double glazed windows. These will keep your home’s temperature perfect throughout the year and even act as noise barriers. For achieving a more expansive space, sliding doors with similar technology will be a better alternative. 

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