How to Care for Your Baby’s Nails

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    Babies are so delicate and fragile that you give so much care and attention to how you carry or move them. You can just imagine how much anxiety a mother would feel just thinking she needs to give her baby a nail cut. Too many questions may run through her mind: Do I need to cut his nails? Is it time? Is it safe? What if I hurt him? Can the doctor do it? You can almost hear her heart palpitate. All those anxieties are justified if you do not use the right tool. Even first-time moms will be amazed at how easy the job is using a nail snail. This tool will nip your little bud’s nails in a jiff. 

    You know it is time to cut your little bud’s nails when you get claw marks on your face when playing with him. Do not postpone the task. Imagine how germs can lurk underneath his nails. Will you allow your baby to get sick from sucking all those germs? Keeping your babies’ nails trimmed and clean is one way to maintain a healthy baby. 

    Here are the ways to care for your baby’s nails:

    1. Regularly clean your baby’s fingers and toes during bath times. 

    2. Your baby’s nails are soft and tender, much more after a bath. It is best to file his nails gently after a good bath. Nail filing is also the safest method of nail care for babies. Do it when your baby is asleep after a good warm bath. 

    3. Trim your baby’s nails once or twice a week, depending on how quickly his nails grow. Using a baby-friendly nail trimmer like a nail snail will accomplish the job swiftly and safely.

    Things to remember when trimming your baby’s nails:

    1. Cut your baby’s nails when he is asleep. It will reduce the possibility of excessive wriggling and movements from your baby.

    2. Ensure good lighting.

    3. Gently hold your baby’s palm with one hand, and use your other hand to cut.

    4. It will help to use a baby-friendly nail trimmer which glides through your baby’s fingers. These clippers, which are ergonomically designed, do not get too close to your baby’s nail bed, preventing accidental cutting through your baby’s skin.

    5. Gently file his nails after trimming to smooth out around the edges to avoid sharp corners. The baby’s toenails should be cut straight across to prevent ingrown nails.

    6. Clean your baby’s under nails before trimming. And gently wipe your baby’s fingers with a warm towel after trimming, to remove dirt and nail clippings.

    7. If you accidentally caused your baby’s skin to bleed, do not panic. Using a cotton or a clean, soft cloth, press onto the skin until the bleeding stops. Do not put any ointment to avoid your baby sucking it. 

    1. Do not use mittens to avoid cutting nails. It is healthier for a baby to discover different sensations through bare hands. Special mitts like safety mitts or teething mittens serve specific purposes. 

    Newborn babies’ nails are soft and flexible but can grow quickly and dangerously long to cause scratches on their faces and collect dirt under nails, which can cause infections when ingested by sucking. Eventually, you will have to face this dreaded task of trimming your baby’s nails. Do not worry. Avoid using adult clippers, and use an ergonomically-designed baby-friendly nail clipper for your baby’s safety. 

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