The Lateral Coefficient: How To Maximize Productivity With PDFBear

    Many innovations in science aim to help employees make the most out of productivity in the workspace, but most lack the impact that PDF converters can give. In today’s society, working individuals or anyone who wants to get any productivity done gets easily sidetracked by third-party web tools with little to no credibility.

    Luckily, PDFBear is one of those rare PDF converters that try to balance efficiency and simplicity into one place. The landing page for PDFBear checks all the boxes for a great productivity tool that is complicated enough to cater to all your needs but still manages to remain user-friendly despite its complexity. This is an introduction to one of the best PDF converters you can find on the market today.

    The What: PDFBear, The PDF Management Tool

    PDFBear hasn’t been around that long, and it takes a special kind of trait to be able to penetrate an already saturated market of application software meant to help productivity. The programmers behind PDFBear have certainly gone above and beyond by making their tool as user-friendly and feature-packed as possible.

    On an average basis, most users often visit the site to make use of the same tools repeatedly, and that’s a good thing because it allows the company to study the usage habits of people using their product. It makes it so that even the most simple processes can be improved, such as converting from PPT to PDF or PDF to Word would now become even more efficient.

    It’s incredible to think about what the team at PDFBear could do if their product were released at a more premium cost. However, users’ main attraction point coming to PDFBear’s landing page is because of the completely free to use tools that they offer, and deviating from that would eliminate the whole point.

    The How: PDFBear Features and Instructions

    How does PDFBear operate, and how do their tools work in conjunction with work demands or academic needs? These are some of the questions that users have whenever they visit the website for the first time. Let us take you through the steps to fully take advantage of PDFBear’s unique and handy PDF management tools.

    First, you need to have an internet connection and a computer device to access the website’s upload and download features. There may be room for improvement regarding this feature to have it fully implemented onto smartphone devices, but for the most part, a computer is what you would want to have.

    Secondly, users would have to prepare their PDF files beforehand so that converting or doing any PDF management type would be quick and efficient on the website. An excellent reliable browser is also encouraged, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. When you’ve checked all these preliminary things, then you’re set to make your first active procedure on PDFBear’s tool.

    Lastly, it is worth noting that first-time users will benefit from reading all the guidelines scattered all over PDFBear’s website to give them insight into how the tool works and how it should be utilized. Fortunately, PDFBear also offers the ability to revert files to their original state, should an error occur or a conversion mistake is made.

    The Why: Customer Service, Privacy, Non-Premium Cost

    After hearing all of the good things about PDFBear and you’re still not convinced why it is the best PDF converter around, then here are a few more reasons why. To start things off, PDFBear has one of the best customer service protocols in the business. It isn’t just about listening to users, as the company even has a FAQ tab for people who want to see similar queries to the ones they have.

    PDFBear also has a fantastic privacy rule where it encrypts user files onto their system for safekeeping, which to everyone’s sake, is kept private even to their technicians and programmers. However, if users feel the need to delete their files from the company database permanently, a PRO account will allow it.

    After all those features, PDFBear doesn’t require users to pay a single dime. That’s a kind of quality that you will never find elsewhere, even if you tried your best to find one. The PRO account we mentioned earlier doesn’t have any real benefits aside from giving users more control over their files, and a free version has access to all of the tools in the suite.


    If you still have any doubts about how excellent this PDF management tool is, then take some time to visit their website and experience the features for yourself. Most if not all who have doubted their product before have had a complete change of heart after seeing how efficient their tool is at maximizing productivity while keeping a perfect balance of complexity and simplicity.

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