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8 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Chopard Watches


When a significant day occurs to you or your loved one, be it
birthdays, Christmas, graduation, and anniversaries, there is always this
question that comes to mind, what would be the perfect gift to give them? A
phone? Clothes? Some fancy restaurant dinner? And all sorts of things you can
think of. Unless they specified it themselves, for instance, a trip to the
Maldives, then you will know what they want. But, the element of surprise and
them anticipating a gift had been lost, which is why we tend to hide those
presents we intend to give them. 


What is something that they will appreciate? There’s this voice
telling us that it would be something they had to cherish and use for a long
time. Something that will make them remember you. It now leads us to timepieces,
a nifty item that is long-lasting and sturdy, namely
Chopard. Here are 8 reasons why you should purchase watches from this

Leading brand 

Chopard is known for being a classic Swiss watchmaking company,
and has always been a pioneer in the art of watchmaking dating back to the 19th
century and recognized for its innovative, luxurious, precise, and reliable

2.       Distinctive products

The brand itself not only focuses on the field of watchmaking,
but also has various sets of products. This includes pieces of jewelry and
accessories. Making the brands market wider and more diverse.

3.       Affiliated with famous
brands and events

With Chopard’s tagline, The passion for excellence, the brand
has been showcasing this by being a devoted partner for the Cannes Film
Festival and racing events, such as the Mille Miglia in Italy and the
Grand-Prix de Monaco Historique. Porsche, a famous motorsport brand, also named
the brand as its official timing partner.

4.       Can compete with the
well-known producer of watches

Being a famous brand does not exempt them from having rivals.
Some may opt for different brands like Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, and
other well-known watchmaking companies when choosing watches, but as the
company’s passion for excellence, they have their very own edge against these

5.       Exceptional designs

It is fully manufactured in-house, ensuring that it has the
highest standards of quality. The brand has been offering exquisite handmade
luxurious, and elegant pieces made by the hands of a craftsman. So if a
customer wants a one of a kind design, then the brand can provide a watch that
best suits the needs of the buyer, by producing its very own kind of
uniqueness, which is seen in its designs and techniques.

6.       Eye-catching

There had been several collections that had set a trend in its
market. For instance, the Chopard L.U.C Full Strike. It is a minute repeater
watch having more than 533 parts that have a polished and brushed surface of an
18 carat rose gold. The Happy Sport watches made by fusing stainless steel and
diamonds. The Imperiale composed of the Gold and Diamond watches, and the
Classic Racing Collection, which had been based on the features of legendary
sports cars.

7.       Chosen brand by famous
actors and actresses 

Targeting those with high income, the watches had often been
spotted on celebrities, such as Ryan Reynolds, codenamed One in which he wore a
L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer from the Haute Horlogerie collection and the Mille
Miglia collection on the film 6 Underground. Michael Fassbender was also seen
with the Chopard 39.5mm L.U.C at the Academy Awards. Son Ye-Jin had also worn a
timepiece from the brand on her hit Korean drama Crash Landing on You. 

8.       Worn by well-known names
in the field of business

Chopard also paved its way to known people in the business
world. Some of them are Dieter Zetsche, former CEO of Daimler, a multinational
automotive corporation and head of the Mercedes-Benz cars, also the
ride-hailing giant Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi had been seen sporting the
Chopard watches.



As years pass by, there have always been those moments worth
celebrating for, be it for yourself, your parents, lover, or friends. A joyous
occasion does not happen every day, and with time being the essence of life
itself, from the day we were born up until the day we die, everything seems to
always move at a fast phase. Making us forget to enjoy life and not rushing
things, just being in the moment of tranquillity and peace.


And as technology advances,
younger generations tend to choose mobile phones as a way of identifying the
time of the day. But as the saying goes: the classic never gets old. There will
always be those people who tend to choose the old fashion way and choose a
watch over anything else. Not only does it look sleek, but it has been deemed
as more convenient and will never wear out throughout time. Which makes Chopard
watches the perfect fit in choosing a gift for yourself and those who have been
precious to you.