List of Common Mistakes Made in IELTS Speaking Module

    IELTS Exam is conducted to analyze and examine English language proficiency where candidates are given tasks based on reading, listening, reading, and writing skills. Every skill needs to be mastered to acquire a high band score. Speaking is the ultimate target if one has to acquire language proficiency. Speaking comfortably comes after mastering the basics of the language. It has been observed that most of the time students score low band scores in speaking tasks of IELTS. 

    Candidates do join the IELTS center in Ludhiana or elsewhere yet they commit some mistakes while taking speaking tests in IELTS EXAM. There are some common mistakes that candidates commit during the speaking tasks of IELTS, these are:

    1. Mug up the answers

    When candidates memorize answers to the given questions and do not use their own words, gives a wrong impression about the person. It gives an impression that the candidate is not well-versed with the basic language ethics. Therefore avoid memorizing the answers or else you will scoreless.

    1. Overuse of verbal phrases

    Using more verbal phrases sometimes does not give the right answer or expression. Limit the use of verbal phrases to deliver your speech or answer the questions to the examiner. Over-emphasizing the expression sometimes leads to a pause because one does not get the exact phrase in mind at a time. Pause in speaking gives a negative impression to the examiner. Hence avoid using more verbal phrases while speaking.

    1. Mug up the question

    At times, candidates try to mug up the question in the wake of impressing the examiner. It does not work because examiners are much more interested in the answers rather than questions. Repeating the question in front of the examiner does not bear any extra marks. Avoid to mug up the question rather concentrate more on the answers.

    1. To answer the wrong question

    Never be in a hurry to answer the question. Listen or read the questionnaire carefully and then answer systematically. Answering correct matters more than answering quickly. Aspirants join IELTS coaching in Jalandhar to enhance their speaking skills where they are given training on answering correctly by organizing group discussions. 

    1. Wrong pronunciation.

    Learn the correct pronunciation while practicing speaking skills. Use the word power book and learn the words from the root word to understand the correct pronunciation. Pronunciation reflects proficiency in the language. Practice speaking in English using the new words that you have recently encountered while reading articles and essays. It is advisable to join a reputed IELTS center in Ludhiana or a nearby location to get proper sessions to enhance pronunciation and make you practice a lot. 


    1. Feeling confused

    Examination fear makes the candidates confused and puzzled and they do not respond properly to the questions. They abruptly respond saying that I have not understood the question. It leaves a negative impression on the examiner. Examiner thinks that he or she is not attentive which again strokes a negative impact on band score. Attentive listening will always give a definite answer. Try to be attentive while taking speaking tasks because the presence of mind will get the right and spontaneous answers.

    7. Over-exaggerated answers

    Candidates giving more than the required points while answering leaves a negative impact on the examiner. Answer in a short and precise manner covering the important points only gains momentum and marks. Hence try to be to the point while answering the speaking tasks. Practice speaking in short and accurate while answering mock tests. It is the best way to restrict your words and improve your expressions. Speaking more than the required leads to boredom and the listener loses interest in the speaker. Avoid giving over-exaggerated answers.

    1. Repeating the same word

    Candidates use the same words while answering the question to relate the theme-based answers. It is a negative attribute and does reflect your band score too. Speaking tasks will be marked low if one repeats the same word in giving the answer. Enhance your vocabulary so that you have more than one word to say the same expression. 

    8. Being silent

    Being silent on the questions asked is a worse response. In case you have not understood the question it is better to ask the examiner to clarify the question so that you can prove that you can answer it. It will reflect your confidence but if you will keep silent then it will not fetch any score.

    These are some of the common mistakes that candidates do in answering IELTS Speaking tasks. Avoid doing such mistakes to acquire a high band score and make every effort to enhance your overall score by working on all the linguist skills besides working on speaking skills.

    Practice a lot besides taking IELTS coaching in Jalandhar or nearby your location to improve your band score in speaking skills.

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