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What are the tips and strategies to crack SSC CGL 2021 exam?


  SSC CGL 2021 Exam Tier 1 is scheduled in the month of May-June 2021. The application window has been closed on 31st January 2021 and now is the time to concentrate on the exam preparations. Planning is a must to accomplish the desired results. Before starting the exam preparation for the SSC CGL exam, an aspirant should analyze the latest exam pattern and syllabus. These are the main elements to help the aspirants to make a study strategy to crack SSC CGL 2021 exam. In order to have authentic exam preparation candidates may join SSC Coaching Institute in Chandigarh or elsewhere. 

After analyzing the exam pattern, note down the detailed syllabus of SSC CGL from the official notification or website. Every section and topic plays a significant role to earn a top rank in the merit list of the SSC CGL exam. 

Let us discuss the section-wise tips and strategies to crack SSC CGL 2021 exam as it is round the corner. SSC CGL TIER 1 EXAM comprises of four sections these are:

1. English

2. General awareness

3. Quantitative aptitude

4. Reasoning

These topics can be prepared by following significant tips these are:

1. Tips and strategy for the English section 

The English language section is the most conspicuous section of SSC CGL EXAM. This section is not only significant but also very complicated for applicants to qualify. One can easily score high in the English section if proper focus and consistent time is given to enhance the Language skills.  

The key topics to be focussed on are:

  1. Improved sentence

  2. written comprehension

  3. Detect errors

  4. Idioms / Phrases

  5. Spelling mistakes

  6. Fill the blanks

  7. Synonym / Antonym

  8. word substitution

  1. Learn and understand the basic grammar rules to have a stronghold on the language.

  2. Develop the habit of reading English newspapers, articles, and novels to improve reading and language flow.

  3. Practice 50 questions on each topic covered. It will help you master the topics extensively.

  4. Practice questions from previous year question papers to have an idea about frequently asked questions from the topics. Focus more on those topics.

2. Tips and strategy for General awareness

The general awareness section of the SSC CGL Exam is the most significant section. The syllabus is vast yet not impossible to cover. It is a scoring section if one prepares and learns the topics thoroughly.  The tips to be followed to prepare for the GA section of the SSC CGL exam are:

  1. Read the newspaper and note down the current affairs of India and the World as these are asked in the exam.

  2. Prepare short notes of lengthy topics of GS and revise them daily.

  3. Solve the questions related to GS from the previous year questions papers to know the significant topics to be prepared

  4. Cover the following subjects thoroughly:

  • Geography

  • Political regime

  • Economy

  • General science

3. Tips and strategy for Quantitative aptitude

The questions in this section are intended to analyze the numerical abilities of the   candidates. The level of quantitative ability questions is distinctly restricted to the syllabus of secondary level mathematics. It needs a good aptitude to solve this section. The level of the QA section is moderate to difficult hence it needs thorough preparation and a lot of practice to crack any competitive exam.

Some of the significant topics to be covered are average, allegation, elementary measurement, ratio and proportion, profit and loss, time, distance and work, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc.

The tips to follow to prepare the Quantitative Aptitude section are as follows:

  1. To practice all the topics thoroughly

  2. Learn tables of the number, square roots, and cube roots

  3. Practice speed tests from online test series of SSC CGL

  4. Practice full-length section test every day after completing the entire syllabus

  5. Learn short tricks and methods to solve questions to enhance your speed and accuracy which is the ultimate means to score high in the QA section.

4. Tips and strategy for Reasoning

The reasoning is very scoring because it does not have any formulas or concepts to be learned. One has to develop logical aptitude which can be developed by practicing lots of quizzes and puzzles. 

The topics to focus on to prepare reasoning section effectively are: Puzzles, Direction Sense, Syllogism, Venn Diagrams, Classification, Missing characters,  Coding-Decoding, Symbols, Analogy, Odd pair, Classification, Missing characters, Coding-Decoding, Symbols, Mathematical Operations, Seating arrangement (Linear and Circular) Blood relations Ranking Assumption or Inference or Conclusion Paper-cutting, folding, punching Mirrors and water reflection, Clock, Calendar, Cube and dices, Sequence of figures, Matrix, Configuration, fitting pieces, odd pieces, etc.

The tips to follow to prepare the Reasoning section are as follows:

1. Develop the habit of practicing quizzes and puzzles

2. Understand the question and then use your logical aptitude to solve it

3. Develop a pattern of the quiz in your mind and use that as a formula to solve quizzes.

Besides joining SSC Coaching Institute in Chandigarh or nearby your location, aspirants should follow these tips to get the best outcomes of the hard work. 

All the best!!!