5 Benefits of Using Paving Pedestals for Outdoor Flooring

    The outside area of your home is equally important as your home’s interior. One way for creating a great outdoor look is through the use of pavers. Pavers are tiles, slabs, or blocks made from different materials like clay or concrete used for outdoor flooring. For densely populated housing compounds, pavers act as a means of waterproofing the outdoor flooring. However, traditional paving systems are ineffective when it comes to completely draining the water accumulated during the rainy season. Fortunately, there is a new and effective system for creating outdoor floors using paving pedestals.

    Paving pedestals are plastic pedestals that are used to keep pavers in place. Placing pavers on top of pedestals is becoming popular and is an easier way of installing outdoor flooring. Here are some of the key benefits of using the pedestal paving system.

    1. Hiding of Pipes and Wires

    Laying pavers on top of pedestals will provide a gap between the paver and the ground. You may use these gaps to hide your piping and wiring system. One advantage of a pedestal paving system is that you can easily lift a paver to inspect the pipes underneath them without destroying your flooring. Since you will not use any glue or cement, each paver can be lifted whenever you want.

    2. Absorption of Structural Movements

    With the pedestal paving system, each paver is laid on top of four individual pedestals. The weight of the pavers holds the pedestals in place, and each paver is detached from one another, which means that they are not glued onto the pedestal or not joined with surrounding pavers. This system allows better absorption of structural movements such as minor ground tremors.

    3. Ensure a Flat and Level Floor

    You can easily adjust the paving pedestals to the height that you want. This system will allow you to create flat paved outdoor flooring even if your base is uneven. Each pedestal can be individually adjusted according to the level of the ground. For example, in uneven ground, you can adjust each pedestals’ height to offset the ground’s unevenness.

    4. Better Water Drainage

    Once the paving pedestal flooring is complete, you’ll be able to notice that the pavers will have small gaps between them. These gaps will allow water to drain immediately between the gaps. Likewise, your pavers will not be slippery when you have good water drainage and will not develop molds or mildew.

    5. Ease of Installation

    Using the pedestal paving system will allow you to cut down the costs of labor. The pedestals can be laid on the ground without fastening them. The weight of the joists and the pavers are enough to support them. Likewise, each pedestal has four positioning lugs that ensure that each paver you install is uniformly spaced throughout the flooring. The only equipment that you will need to install is a spirit level to ensure that the slabs are flat. Moreover, since you do not need to cement or glue the pavers to the ground, you will no longer have to wait for them to dry before using the floor. Also, you can install them in one day.

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