7 Advantages of Using A Coin-Operated Laundry

    Public laundry shops or facilities are very common in large cities like Sydney. This service is essential to cities where spaces are crammed with people and buildings, depriving them of access to personal laundry spaces. 

    In Sydney alone, there are 4.7-million inhabitants in this capital city in New South Wales. Most are living in small apartments and duplexes. Many people rely on essential services to avail themselves outside of their homes, like public laundry shops. 

    With that in mind, more than 50 shops have coin laundry in Sydney, that are operating to answer the consistently high demand for laundry. These shops are usually packed with Aussies who queue in long lines to get their clothes washed. 

    These days, coin laundry offers a lot of advantages for an average Aussie. If you need more convincing to wash your clothes on a coin laundry, here are its seven best perks you must know. 

    More Clothes to Wash at One Cycle

    Laundry shops, whether coin-operated or not, are designed for industrial purposes. Thus, it can fit into a lot of clothes in one cycle. You can fit in as much as two weeks of used clothing in a single cycle without compromising the washer’s cleaning quality. It’s built for commercial purposes; thus, it provides you with a bigger capacity than washing machines you see at home. So, you have nothing to worry about when you’re frequently changing clothes, especially during summer. 

    You Have More Time for Relaxation

    What makes laundry shops very convenient is you can leave it for an hour while it cleans your clothes. You can read a book, sip a cup of coffee, or buy groceries at your local supermarket. Or perhaps, watch your favourite TV show or call catch up with your loved ones on the phone or social media. Coin-operated laundry machines have a maximum cycle of 60 minutes, depending on the setting and wash options. 

    Sustainable Way of Doing Laundry

    The washers you use at laundry shops use less water than those at home. They are more efficient and eco-friendlier. The average washer in a laundry shop only uses 15 gallons of water, while washers at home use more than 30 gallons. Just imagine the convenience and sustainability. Industrial washing machines or large front load washing machines are very efficient in cleaning that it only requires less water to clean clothes. 

    Utmost Convenience

    Most laundry shops provide their customers with pickup and drop-off services for people who are always on the go. Most shops are also offering the service of coin laundry in Sydney. If you have a meeting or an important affair to attend to, you can easily call your preferred laundry shop to pick up your clothes or have them drop off while you’re on your way to your affair. You will be surprised how neatly your clothes are washed and folded by these laundry shops. 

    Professional Help Are Always Available

    For first-timers, most laundry shops have their staff that can assist you in operating their enormous washers. If you feel intimidated or unfamiliar with the buttons, ask your preferred laundry shop’s staff to assist you. 

    You Can Wash Anything You Want

    Besides clothes, you can wash shoes, beddings, curtains, carpets and a lot more in a coin laundry. It’s versatile and durable, so you have nothing to worry about.


    Coin laundries in Sydney are very affordable. One cycle will only cost you AUD 5 to $10. The prices can go up if you avail of other services such as folding, steaming, etc. 

    Laundry shops are there to provide the public with a convenient way to wash their clothes. We’re pretty sure you’re already convinced to visit your nearest laundry shop and try their coin laundry. However, make sure you scout first which one in your area offers the best service to have a nice experience.

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