Foolproof Tips to Follow When Hiring A Paint Contractor

    Exterior painting usually costs a fortune. Australian master painters charge by square meters which can cost you AUD 15 up to 45 per square meter, depending on the type of paint and materials used. It will cost you more if your home or building has a brickwork exterior or timber. The cost ranges from $12 to $60.

    Overall, Australian master painters usually charge a four-bedroom home AUD 10,000 to 20,000. With that in mind, this project should be considered a serious investment, given its cost. Thus, it would be ideal to choose a master painter or a paint contractor with a good reputation in their field. 

    However, choosing a reputable paint contractor is a painstaking task. In South Australia alone, there are more than a dozen master painters who are members of the Master Painters, Decorators and Signwriters Association of South Australia. It doesn’t count those who are not members of this association but are still accredited and licensed. 

    Being a clever consumer today is paramount. So, what are the steps to choosing a reputable master painter? Here are our expert tips to help you find one that you can rely on courtesy of the best painters adelaide has.

    Check for License and Accreditation

    The paint contractors and master painters have followed the same regulation that the Consumer and Business Services (CBS) imposed with Australia’s rest. It is crucial to know if the paint contractor you’re planning to hire has a building work contractors’ license issued by CBS. Otherwise, you’re risking yourself and your project with a shady contractor. 

    The CBS requires construction companies and paint contractors the CPC30611 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating to get a license. 

    With that in mind, before signing any contract with a paint contractor, always remember to ask for a CBS issued license and the CPC30611 Certificate III. 

    Widen Your Options 

    South Australia has no shortage of construction companies and paints contractors. So, never settle a deal with the first few companies you’ve listed down. Always widen your options and list down as many as you can. 

    You can start searching for a paint contractor at the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). It is equivalent to the United States’ Better Business Bureau. It lists companies across different industries that strictly follow the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. 

    List down as many as a dozen paint contractors and contact each one for an interview. Check each if they have a fully-functional website complete with the information a typical customer is looking for. 

    Ask the Proper Questions

    Now that you have listed your candidates, you must interview each of them. You can either send them a list of questions via email, call them, or set a personal meeting. It is crucial to ask the proper questions so that you can determine if they are qualified or not. 

    Here are some ideal questions to ask your candidates: 

    • How long are you operating in this business? 
    • Is your company licensed and accredited? 
    • Is your company insured?
    • Are you willing to collaborate with your client? 
    • Is your company a member of an organization? 
    • Can you provide an estimate or a service quote? 
    • Can you provide a timeline to complete the project? 
    • Does your work come with a warranty? 

    You can add more questions to further validate their qualifications. For the best painters adelaide has, they already anticipate their clients to ask many questions. Thus, they always provide their clients with a brochure of their completed projects. 

    Also, they provide a service quote at their initial meeting to give their client an overview of the project’s cost. Lastly, they are willing to collaborate with their clients’ paint designs and ideas


    Following these foolproof tips will protect you from fly by night contractors. These tips will help you save not just money but effort and trouble of painting your home or building.

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