Top 5 Technologies That Will Make Your Home A Better Place

    Nothing feels great
    living in a house that offers a lot of conveniences. A little upgrading is
    necessary to achieve such a goal. Below are a couple of technologies to make
    any home a better place.


    1.    OXO
    BREW Conical Burr Grinder


    If you are a coffee
    drinker and would like to step up your coffee game, then you know that the only
    way to achieve the best cup of coffee would be to grind your own beans. Yes,
    ground coffee offers convenience but it can’t compare to fresh beans and if you
    put in a little effort it’s easy to make on. Unlike other grinders, the OXO
    Brew is going to deliver uniform grounds each and every time. And compared to
    other grinders in the market, the OXO BREW isn’t as jarring to listen to when
    you grind your beans. What most customers like about the OXO BREW is its ease
    of use and low maintenance.


    2.    Philips
    HD4911 Induction Cooker


    Cooks will always want
    a good stove to create their sweet and savory recipes. And while a lot of people
    are still using regular gas-burning stoves, many have come to realize the
    benefits of an induction stove. The Philips HD4911 offers quite a comfortable
    cooking experience. It has a coil-sensor touch to make it easy to regulate the
    stove without it feeling hot. It also has an auto-shutdown feature so you never
    have to wonder if you left the stove on. In addition, the
    HD4911 has 5 cooking programs with temperatures that range between 60 to 280
    degrees Celsius.


    3.    LG


    It seems like
    everyone’s going crazy for the retro-style refrigerators released by Smeg. But
    other than its look, it doesn’t offer much of anything else in terms of
    durability and performance. There’s a reason why there is such a drastic look
    between the fridge of 20 years ago and today. Modern fridges like a lot of LG’s
    offerings have featured only available in recent models. They offer a lot of
    fridge space, for one thing. It comes with spill-proof shelves, an ice
    dispenser, and external water. The Smart Cooling Plus system keeps food items
    fresh for longer.


    4.    Dyson
    V7 Motorhead


    Go through sites like Beastsellersreview and you will immediately notice
    that they feature a lot of vacuum reviews. Gone are the days when homeowners
    rely on dust and broom to clean their homes. Vacuum cleaners today are a
    necessity which is why their demand is so high. When it comes to the best of
    the best, you can’t go wrong going for brands like Dyson. They’ve firmly
    established themselves as a reliable household products manufacturer. Their V7
    Motorhead is proof that Dyson is still the industry leader. The vacuum is easy
    to use being cordless. It can suck up all kinds of dust, dirt, and other debris
    using different power settings.


    5.    Smart


    The latest trend in making homes a lot more
    convenient is with smart speakers. The top brands are Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s
    Nest Audio, and Apple’s Homepod. Not only are these speakers used to play music
    using voice commands, but they can also be used to browse the internet without
    lifting a finger.

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