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Five Greatest Causes Of Data Loss



Data loss is the worst nightmare for any business as well as homeowners and it can occur due to accidental deletion of data, physical damage, etc. Even more than often, we are unaware of the real risks and how to avoid them.

Also, the most common reasons for data loss are connected to our everyday lives- the way we preserve, store, and handle our data. However, with suitable precautions, it can be avoided or prevented.
Below given are the greatest causes of data loss:
1) Viruses: Worldwide networks have many benefits but they also oppose computer to severe risks. There are different types of viruses but majority viruses affect operational software, misuses internet connection, and damages stored data.
 A system often catches a virus from any third-party application links or from any outside devices such as an external hard disk, pen drive, memory card, etc. Thus in order to safeguard your system from such viruses, do keep your anti-virus updated and also consider backing up your data regularly.
2) Hard drive failures: Usually, most of the data losses occur due to malfunctions in the system and hard drive failure is one of the most common causes of data loss. Hard drives are the most delicate part of the computers and they break down more than any other device.
The reason behind most of the hard disk damages are mechanical issues, human mishandling, overheats, sudden power failure, liquid damage, etc. To prevent such kinds of failures, the key is to keep your computer totally dust-free.
3) Power failure: An instant shutdown of computers without following a proper shutdown procedure may affect operation systems or hardware of computers and the reason behind this is a power failure. Many computer parts get damaged due to sudden changes in the voltage.
An access to automatic backups enables you to recover your work from any accidents caused by power failures. Also, it is recommended to use a generator or a backup battery to protect your system during a power failure and more than that back up your data on a regular basis and keep them in a safe place so that you can recover all your data after power failures.
4) Fire explosions: Undoubtedly explosions happen rarely but they destroy entirely both the computer and data saved on it. Even fire is also dangerous to the backups that are stored in the same house and if the computer and backup drive will be damaged ,then the data will be entirely lost. Therefore, it is ideal to make regular backups and store them in different locations or reach out to certified and professional data recovery company in case of data losss.
5) Human faults: Another most prevalent cause of data is human error and it can happen due to the accidental deletion of data files and folders. And also it almost makes a recovery impossible if the files are deleted without having any backups available.
 We often tend to delete wrong files or overwrite the parts that too unintentionally. Therefore, to avoid such problems, make sure to do regular backups and take proper training of data handling to prevent data loss situations.