8 Most Used Spices in Indian Food Recipes

    Indian cuisine is enjoyed all around the world because of the uniqueness and rich blend of taste it has to offer. Indian food recipes bring joy to your taste buds, it has many flavors. After winning the hearts of the locals, these restaurants now also draw foreigners to the full savor of Indian cuisine. Best Indian restaurants in Alexandria VA also use incomparable spices to make their dishes enchanting. Indian cuisine dates back to ancient times and the best taste has come with the evolution of time. Indian cuisine has a wide variety of ingredients that they use in the making of their dishes.

    The restaurants use authentic spices in all Indian food recipes so the taste they make has all the perfection. As professional chefs come directly from India to bring the true and rich taste of their state to other continents, these restaurants give a pure taste of this culinary style in Alexandria VA. With knowledge of their specialty, they can create their demand with the perfection of taste. These restaurants are expanding and gaining popularity with the rise of their fame in the super blend of flavors that they make. The charm of Indian cuisine is the diversifying dishes it has to offer but the main component that keeps the taste intact is the use of spices. Even the restaurants abroad got the spices from the regional local places of the Indian cuisine. Even the blandest food can be cherished with the spices not only in the flavor but the aroma that it has to offer.

    Importance of Spices:

    Spices are imminently important for turning simple things into special such as garlic used in naans and toasted with black sesame seeds give an impactful aroma. The plain daal is then curated with the tempering (Tarka) in which curry leaves, chili peppers, and cumin seeds are poured to daal making it splendid from the humdrum taste.

    Spices have a pivotal role to make the flavors interesting. The dinner served in India is roasted with spices as these spices and herbs are the ones that are essential for health too.

    This article enumerates the top spices that are used in Indian food recipes in daily life and also restaurants use them for making customers familiar with the specialty of Indian food. The following are the 8 most used spices in Indian food recipes.

    Black pepper

    It is the best spice peppercorn which is widely used in Indian dishes as it is also a native spice of Indian that is sprinkled before blending the dish. For the increased rich taste fresh black pepper is generally grounded directly to a dish as a seasoning. Black pepper is one of the best ingredients which is commonly used in Indian dishes to spice up the heat. Peppercorns have a different blend of colors which are being used in this culinary but Black pepper is commonly used. You can make chicken chili or black pepper chicken with it. It can also be cooked.


    Cumin is also a widely used spice in Indian dishes as this provides a smoky taste to Indian dishes. It can be seen with the slight bright seeds having an intense fragrance. Its best use is the most freshly grounded as it offers intensified flavor. Restaurants keep in mind that the cumin seeds burn too quickly and if they are burnt the taste will be noticed in your dish. Toasting this spice for 20 to 30 seconds is sufficient. Cumin is best with lentils, Rajmah Rice, and other dishes.


    This is vastly used in deserts but as a spice, it is also used in other dishes for the aroma it provides. Green and black are the variety that is used in Indian culinary. The green cardamom is used more than the other it has a role in dishes from spice mixing to lassi. The flavor it makes is slightly light and sweet it can also be blended with other spices. The black cardamom is strong and has a strong aroma as it is spicier if you bite it. Lamb Rogan josh gets more aromatic in taste when cooked with cardamom.

    Chili Peppers:

    Not all the peppers are spicy some are added to provide color to your dishes. This adds a red and familiar color to dishes. Kashmiri red chilies and deggi chili are more used for the color than the heat. Paprika is also an example of sweet chili with sweet. Cayenne is a bunch of spiciness’s you shall use it with precaution.


    This is the spice that has a myriad of health benefits to offer. It provides a bright orange color to dishes. It is used in a variety of curries and soups. It is not that spicy but it adds an aroma that is used in Indian dishes.

    Curry leaves

    Curry leaves are one of the essential spices for making Indian food tasty. It is highly used in curry-oriented dishes. It blesses the food with a pleasant flavor.


    Cloves are specially used in meat, vegetables, and rice also. People in different countries like to make masala tea which contains cloves also. Its tea is very useful in the flu. It adds up the taste and nutritious value of the food.

    Coriander powder

    Coriander powder is an essential spice to be sprinkled on the vegetables and meat before serving. It is rich in taste and fragrance. It is also used in an omelet and other curries for a savory taste. It is one of the best ingredients.

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