Benefits of On-Farm Storage

    These days, many farmers have started opting for on-farm grain storage as it results in saving up the additional costs. Taking the stored grain to the feed mill or the elevator requires extra money for drying, shrink, and storage, handling, and more. Thus, on-farm grain storage becomes a viable alternative to commercial storage and has a lot of benefits to offer. Grain bins are quite efficient in storing the grains on the farm. 

    Here are the top benefits of opting for on-farm storage grain bins.

    Financial gain

    One of the main advantages of on-farm storage is the financial gain that comes with it. The effective storage system will turn your grain wisely into a profit instead of risking it going to waste. On-farm grain storage also helps the farmers to overcome market challenges. The on-farm storage bins help the farmers to store their surplus until the market is profitable. With the help of on-farm storage bins, farmers can derive an effective strategy that will result in more profits. With on-farm storage, farmers will know that the grain is safe and well preserved while they wait for the prices to go up.

    Control over harvest and crop sales flexibility.

    It is with no doubt that the grain market is constantly fluctuating due to various factors, such as the price of inputs, weather, demographic changes, a shift in the trends, etc. Due to such an unstable market, the storage bins provide farmers the flexibility in regards to when and where their crop is marketed. On-farm grain storage systems act as a shield against unforeseen circumstances and uncontrollable variables. The more the farmers will be able to control the market; they can turn more cash flow into profitability. By storing their grain in their own on-site, farmers can choose a method of delivery that suits them the best, and also the time of the delivery when the prices are lowest.

    The green can be used throughout the year for animal feed

    The green stored on the farm can be effectively used as animal feed throughout the year. Specifically, a large supply of stored grain can easily be used to feed animals when required. On-farm storage will help the farmers ensure a steady stream of fresh feed, which will eventually result in increasing productivity of the animals. Although, buying feed in bulk may seem like a big cost-saving, but its short shortage life makes those savings short-lived also. Thus, storing grain in the bulk and making fresh feed out of it will help keep the feed cost down, and will also prevent and eliminate any spoilage.

    Brings Peace of Mind due to the unpredictability of weather

    Even the most experienced farmers cannot predict or forecast the weather. This why storage bins are there to help you guard against any losses due to unpredictable bad weather or natural disasters. Even when there is a light rain shower, it can still cause harm to the crops by creating moisture damage. After drying, the grains need to be housed in a cool, aerated space to keep the grain in condition throughout the year. Grain bins allow the framers to harvest early and for longer throughout each day without needing to worry about when the mill receiving hours end.


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