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How Eco-Friendly Packaging is playing a Vital Role in Earth’s Protection


Packaging has a wide
history of its usage and manufacturing. Nowadays, some giant e-commerce
companies and international brands are using millions of boxes per day to ship
their products. The concept of 
eco-friendly boxes is introduced to tackle the impacts of
packaging on the environment caused by its increased usage. The use of all the
impactful toxic elements is eliminated from these boxes. Now some sustainable
materials are being used to manufacture them. This elimination is helping to
reduce the overall impacts on the atmosphere in some most innovative ways. Here
is how these environmentally conscious boxes are playing their role in the
earth’s protection.

Reduced Carbon Footprints

From the various
impacts of traditional packaging, one of them is seriously damaging the
atmosphere. It is the emission of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, and methane
that are impacting the lives of human beings and the environment. They are
causing global warming because of too much emission by many firms at the same
time. Traditionally fossil fuels are used as energy sources for the production
process, which releases these hazardous gases during the combustion process.
Usually, plastic boxes consume too much energy, and this factor is increasing
the carbon footprints in the atmosphere. It is impacting the ozone layer and
causing a lot of diseases to human health as well. While green packaging has
reduced these carbon footprints because it is manufactured using very
lightweight materials and consumes less natural energy sources. The less
emission of these gases is reducing the air pollution

Minimized Deforestation

Along with the usage
of plastic, some other natural resources are also being used as raw materials
to produce the packaging. The most commonly used source in this regard is the
fresh virgin wood pulp. This pulp is obtained by cutting the trees on massive
levels. This pulp is then treated with some chemicals to process further for
the manufacturing process of the boxes. This factor is causing deforestation,
which results in the unbalancing of the carbon dioxide and oxygen ratio in the
air. It is also destroying the natural home of animals and causing climate
changes. Sustainable packaging is ecologically conscious in the way that it is
being manufactured using some alternative organic substances. Some commonly
used organic substances are corn starch, head and roots of the mushrooms,
bamboo pulp, seaweed, and a few other similar naturally obtained materials.
These materials are helping to reduce the deforestation impact.

Fast Decomposition Reduces

Eco friendly
 are reducing the land pollution that has
become a serious concern of the modern age. Land pollution is ruining the
beauty of earth everywhere and is affecting the fertilization of land by
destroying natural nutrients. Plastic-based packaging is the main source of
uncontrollable land pollution because it lasts longer on the land surface and
gets decomposed in hundreds of years. This slow rate of decomposition is
increasing the pollution by leaving some severe harm to the earth and its
inhabitants. It is also non-recyclable and leaves some toxic gases if tried to
reuse by melting it via the combustion process. But, sustainable materials are
quite easy to get decomposed and require only a few days. They last non-harmful
throughout their lifecycle, and even their decay even results in land

Sustainable Packaging
is Recyclable

Recycling the existing
packaging results in the protection of the natural resources obtained as the
raw material. The world has felt the need for recyclability because of the
growing land pollution and rapidly reducing natural sources. It has also become
a vital source of saving the money that is incurred on getting the fresh raw
material every time. Many innovative and environmentally aware firms have
installed their recycling plants to get the new boxes by recycling older ones.
Only sustainable natural materials are recyclable and not those having the
involvement of plastic elements. Recyclable materials are mixed with fresh raw
materials while keeping a good balance between providing them strength. This
recyclability ensures that less amount of these materials goes to the
landfills. Recycling also reduces the amount of energy used, and hence carbon
footprints are again minimized.

Plantable Packaging

A lot of variation is
being brought in the green boxes to protect the earth from the various impacts
and to maintain its natural beauty. Plantable packaging is the new addition to
this list. It is popular as it can grow anywhere because it contains the seeds
of several plants. These seeds are mixed with the organic raw materials, and
then new boxes are made from them. This aspect is increasing the number of new
plants that will contribute to producing fresh oxygen and can be used again for
the raw material. Dumping them into the soil and watering it produces the various
new tiny plants in the days. Along with benefitting the environment, it is also
helping the brands to get the maximum attention. Consumers love to buy the
products packaged in such a solution

These were some
positive traits of the eco
friendly boxes 
that are playing their part for the protection of
the earth. They have changed the way packaging was perceived before. Every
buyer opts for the products packaged in sustainable solutions because of their
reduced impacts on the environment. It also helps to avoid the contamination of
sensitive items like food.