Five Features to Add in Your Dream Custom Home

     Designing and constructing a house from scratch is an overwhelming yet exciting journey. You can plan the floor layout just as you want and go crazy with your creative skills to whatever extent you can. But, first, get in touch with an experienced custom home builder to take guidance on various aspects. 

    Custom home building is a great opportunity for you to create a truly personal and original space. So, in case you plan to start this project any time soon, hold onto your curiosity and read below the list of features you can put your money into.

    1. An Extra Large Garage

    Garages are often seen as dingy, dull, and messy areas where people store their vehicles and extra utilities. Hardly do people see room for improvement in there. In reality, garages can be perfect workshop areas for your DIY projects and give you ample organized storage space. So, if you have been compromising with a cramped garage till now, plan a bigger one this time.

    2. High Ceilings and Big Windows

    A lot of people struggle with the lack of sunlight and ventilation in their homes. Blame it on the heavily populated areas and unwise building architectures. If you have already struggled with it in the past, make sure you don’t flaw this time. You and your family need plenty of natural light and fresh air to be healthy. Make sure your custom home design and build constitute taller ceilings and a lot of large windows.

    3. Outdoor Living Area 

    If you have spent half of your life in a studio apartment and now have the biggest chance of your life to design your own home, make the most of it and add an outdoor space. Be it in the form of a deck, porch, or patio; add an area to let your children and pets run free and provide a relaxing time for you after a hectic day of work. Add BBQs, dining furniture, or a swimming pool if you can.If you want to give your outdoor living area a new look for a gathering, you can buy chair covers and linens and make the gathering extra special.

    4. Home Office

    Nobody would ever imagine that WFH (work from home) will ever trend as it has now. With pandemic, has aroused a strong urge to have a personal office space and work remotely. That seems to continue for times to come. So, if you want a no-disturbance corner in your room, a home office is the best bet. Just ensure that it gets enough light and air. Look if sufficient arrangements are there for a Wi-Fi router or extender.

    5. Separate Walk-In Closets

    This is not for the ones that are single or have a minimalist lifestyle. People soon planning to start their families or already having a big one cannot stuff their clothes and other items in one closet. In case you have lived like that before, you wouldn’t want it in your home. If the building’s square footage area allows, do get two walk-in closets to manage your belongings better. You will be saved from the hassle of seasonal changes.

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