Assign skydiving equipment – What do you need?

    Here is the scenario … I took my first parachuting flight. To be surprised You cannot think of anything you want to do. and then? No more skydiving and lots of training. Then finally – you go alone! But wait, I see these guys walking around with a bunch of cool gadgets that look quick while wearing colorful costumes, cute helmets, and cut leather hats. I was stuck and there were no tools in it! ! There is only one solution. Buy your Freefly Skydiving Suits equipment. Now we’re not talking about your parachute drone. It will be difficult. I don’t need to buy your canopy system yet.

    But if you survive, breathe and eat parachuting until you get old and wrinkled, you’ll want to wear other pieces with your wetsuit. If you have your items, you can get the color you want and all the accessories. Moreover, everything is fine.

     So what equipment does a Sky Dave gamer need?

    I’m glad you asked. Let’s talk about our costume first. It will all depend on your personal preferences. Color, style, fit, and price: You should also consider a modern parachuting environment that covers a wide range of topics, such as east flight (also known as formation yaw (FS) or relative motion (RW)). In formation is called parachuting. (VFS) (where you fly in all axes, back, head, feet, and abdomen) or parachute exercise (proportional movement or parachute). All these topics have their combinations, but a good round and round combination is a free fly combination provided there is some kind of grip on it. But the most important thing to remember is that you will be using them for a long time, so it’s a good idea to take care of yourself. Your wetsuit can also play a big role in your drop rate. You need to choose the costume that suits your size and experience. Consider the different types and you will earn a lot of money. 

    Unlike a wetsuit, you need a helmet (it should be an open face helmet at first, but then have a full face), an ultimatum that can be attached to your wrist or chest, or a hearing aid, goggles inside your helmet. / goggles (seriously think of people with UV filters) keep the air out of your eyes…… Remember that goggles/goggles are not a great idea without skydiving because you can barely see 120 mph winds per hour. your naked eyes! A logbook is needed to record all your skydiving achievements and provide a record of your achievements to prove your skill level and take all your items with you.

    great parachute gear 

    When you say skydiving – and believe me, it will – you’ll see other paratroopers wearing whatever they want. They will have great parachute gear which includes suits and accessories. Even their regular gear will appear to be design, ned for “crowd” skydiving. No problem. You can get the skydiving gear you want by testing what looks good, fits well, gets the job done, and is the “that” factor when it comes to excellence. Take a closer look at what other paratroopers are wearing, ask around, see some signs and do your homework online.

    Skydiving and diving gear. If you are spending your hard-earned money, you will want to get it right the first time. You will see a range of different parachute suits from a free trip to fast gear. You can all make a suit or wear a jacket and pants. It depends on you. Many companies allow you to choose your design and color combination, so it’s great if you want everyone to have a look.

    special skydiving gloves

    Once your suit is ready, you will start thinking about accessories. There are things like gloves, hats, shoes, weight belts (for people in need), cameras, camera socks, and gear bags. It is a good idea to buy a pair of special skydiving gloves. You can get special gloves with leather claws that make you feel and grip the arms and objects. This, too, is not a fool’s errand for winter shops.

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