New real estate: purchase of the apartment before construction

    The specifics of buying a new home

    A new dwelling is purchased on the plan or during its construction. It is generally not possible to visit this type of accommodation. Therefore, you must rely on descriptions made or a visit to control accommodation.

    Buying a new apartment has advantages and disadvantages that it is better to know before choosing this choice rather than an old apartment.

    For example, there are reduced notary fees for new housing, which reduces acquisition costs. This is a good point to help finance this type of housing which is at the base more expensive (new standards to be respected, rising land prices, etc.).

    In particular, you need to take into account the different stages of purchase in the new and you adapt to its constraints. For those in a hurry to move into their new home, for example, it is appropriate to choose to buy an old home because buying a new property can take time or even a long time. Adarsh Tropica, a luxury superstructure apartment complex Adarsh Tropica will have exquisitely designed residences.

    How do I finance a VEFA purchase?

    The payment of an apartment or a house in the new is done in several stages. There is therefore suitable funding for VEFA.

    Before your home is delivered, you’re going to have to start paying for it. This will result in what is called infill fees. We will see ways to try to reduce them and minimize those extra fees that are extra to be paid while you have to continue to host elsewhere.

    Choosing the right apartment to buy is not everything. You also have to find the right home loan (looking for the best rate but also good terms of repayment, guarantee, etc.) and the best loan insurance (although it is now possible to change it once a year since 2018).

    If you do not yet own your main home, you will be able to take advantage of a zero-rate loan to finance a significant portion of your new home purchase. This is one of the various purchasing aids you can take advantage of to increase your budget and you are heading to a better apartment or a larger or better-located house.

    Investing in a new property to rent it out

    For those who want to invest in a new home to rent it out, don’t miss out on the articles in this section “New Real Estate” to discover our tips for your rental investment. You’ll draw inspiration from it and find important information to make sure your fitment goes smoothly.

    The advantage of investing in new real estate is that there are often significant state aids to entice you to build. In particular, there are various decimalization schemes. The most used currently is the Pinel Law investment. It reduces taxes by buying new real estate.

    You will find in this section all the information you need to find out about a purchase in new real estate, mainly from an apartment in a collective building. For those who want to build their own home, you can supplement this information and advice with those located in our section on the construction of a detached house. You Can Also Learn Sumadhura Folium

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