Four Classy and Functional Ways to Separate Your Shower Area

     Bathrooms are an integral part of every household today. People have started giving it equal importance as they give to other home areas and putting in money and efforts to make it look welcoming and comfortable. Every day designers are learning and discovering ways to enhance the practicality and aesthetics of this area without having to spend a lot.

    One such trend that is on hype nowadays is the separation of the bathroom into dry and wet zones. The wet zone being dedicated to the water-based activity, including shower, bathtub, and towel rails, and the dry zone being the rest of the space, i.e., toilet and vanity. Since messy water activities take place at a designated side, your bathroom can look squeaky clean and free of mold all the time.

    And the best part is that you can separate every bathroom, irrespective of how big or small it is. There are, of course, more toilet partition options for larger spaces, but that no way means that homeowners with smaller bathrooms lack any. So, if a bathroom renovation is on the cards for you in the near future, don’t worry. Here are some amazing ways to demarcate the area and make little features stand out –

    1. Shower Curtain

    This has to be the easiest and most affordable way to keep your wet area separate and create a large space illusion. There are abundant color, design, and fabric options to suit every style and bathroom theme. Due to their flexibility, you can install them for any curve in your bathroom and create a sense of privacy. The best part is they can be tied to sides when not in use; thus, you feel the openness.

    2. Frameless Glass Shower Door

    This option is a great way of creating a modern, minimalist, and trendy bathroom design. You can customize the glass doors to suit your bathroom size and aesthetic. Without any bulky metal hardware or frame, the space seems more open, and corrosion risk gets eliminated. And not to forget, the toxic mold is also kept at bay.

    3. Stone Wall

    If you don’t want to lose the visual sense of spaciousness but still want to divide the bathroom space, opt for a stone wall. The shower hidden shower inside or behind the stone cubicle will offer commendable privacy and take your bathroom partition game to the next level. And because it will not touch the ceiling, you will not lose the feeling of openness in any way. 

    4. Tiles

    If none of the things mentioned above are your choices, installing wall or floor tiles of a different texture or shade is your best bet. Pick a shade darker than the rest of the bathroom to create an attractive contrast and an extra design feature in the space. You can go for porcelain and ceramic tiles as they provide better feet grip so resort to them for shower flooring.

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