Benefits of using Network Attached Security

     Network attached security has brought many revolutionary changes in modern business operations. No doubt backups, cloud services or data recovery services are effective for retrieving the data, yet network attached security is considered to be an improved and far better way of securing and storing data online. 

    NAS device is a network appliance that connects various hard drives and secondary storage devices to your home network without connecting to your computer systems. These storage devices protect your data from viruses and malware attacks, thereby making it safe for you to store your important information. They provide additional benefits and are available to anyone on your network, provided they have requisite access permissions.

    Advances network security systems include built-in encryption, tools, and interfaces for remote access and support advanced security features.

    Here are some benefits of Network Attached Security Systems. Have a look at them.

    Personal Cloud Storage:

    Cloud services are remote storage services available online. NAS provides for a personal cloud storage that enables you to login the services from remote areas as well. This system permits you to store your data on your network for remote access from anywhere with the help of an internet connection.

    A layer of Protection against Virus and Malware Attacks:

    Not only does your personal computer need an anti-virus program, your network attached security systems also require real-time protection.

    Most of NAS systems work on Linux operating system, hence they are least prone to virus and malware attacks. Besides, they allow many business units to keep their data safe onsite, protected against malicious attacks. Further, these systems have a feature of accelerating the data without causing a significant impact on the overall performance of the system. It is recommended to purchase a NAS system that offers native support against virus and malware attacks.

    Facilitates Network Aggregation:

    Addition of multiple network connections to network security system helps in boosting the performance of network-attached security devices.  Although, increase in a number of connections leads to an increase in throughput, yet it is essential to route the data between the storage devices and data stored on the network.  

    NAS devices determine the speed of reads and write to and from the network and help in increasing the throughput with many network connections.

    Video Transcoding:

    With the help of NAS systems, you can take the advantage of your home security. It provides you with the ability to log in from remote locations to access and provide a secure base for homes. This can be done by opting for video surveillance on your network systems. This is highly beneficial from the business point of view, as it helps in storing video data that may be used for training the employees or for carrying out business communications.

    With the help of network attached security systems, you can easily convert videos to universal formats, without compromising with the quality of data.

    Moreover, you can enhance and upgrade the quality of your NAS systems by isolating it on separate IP domains so as to prevent the data being mapped on the client’s desktops.

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