What Does a Novice Network Engineer Need to Learn?

    What does a novice network
    engineer need to learn? We talked about the network engineer as an emerging hot
    career, it not only has a promising development prospect and has a great
    advantage in terms of salary when compared with other professions.

    And we also mentioned that
    in order to be a qualified network engineer, you need to pass certification
    from large and well-known enterprises like Cisco and Huawei. These exams often
    have a certain degree of difficulty, many novices do not know how to get
    started. Self-studying is inefficient and often comes with a low pass rate.
    Today we want to conclude what should you know first as a novice?

    If you are determined to
    get the certification, first of all, you must have a macro understanding of the
    entire certification system. You need to understand the role of the different
    certification levels, the content of the exam, the format of the exam, and the
    help it will give you in your career, so that you can make choice according to
    your actual situation.

    Cisco Network Certifications

    Today we’re going to take
    Cisco certification as an example. Cisco certification is divided into three
    levels: CCNA Cisco Certified Network Assistant Engineer (primary), CCNP Cisco
    Certified Network Engineer (intermediate), CCIE Cisco Certified Internet Expert
    (expert). The content and value of the three certifications are very different.

    CCNA certification marks
    the network engineer’s ability to install, configure, operate, medium routing
    and switched networks, and troubleshooting. CCNA certified professionals have
    the knowledge and skills to establish connections with remote sites over a wide
    area network, eliminate basic security threats, and understand the requirements
    for wireless network access.

    CCNA certification only
    needs to pass a written test to obtain the certification. The certification is
    valid for three years. Re-certification requires you to take the CCNA exam

    The main content of the
    exam is Interconnection of Cisco Network Equipment (ICND). The exam code is CCNA 200-301 (V1.0).
    The total score is 1000, the pass score is 825 and the time is 120 minutes.

    CCNP certification
    indicates that a certified person has extensive network knowledge. CCNP
    certified professionals can install, configure, run LAN, WAN and services of
    dial-up access for large enterprise networks with 100 to 500 + nodes.

    In 2020, all CCNP exams
    have been revised. The original CCNP routing and switching direction and
    wireless direction have been merged into the new CCNP enterprise direction.
    Subject 350-401 is compulsory and subjects 300-410/415/420/425/430/435 are
    optional. After updating the new version, candidates can only apply for the new
    version of the exam. After the revision, there is no need to pass the CCNA exam

    The CCNP certificate is
    valid for 3 years. If re-certification is required, you must pass one of the
    CCNP core exams in any direction, or pass two CCNP elective exams, or pass the
    existing CCIE lab exam within the validity period of the certificate.

    Therefore, although the
    value of CCNP is higher than that of CCNA, there is still a big gap compared
    with CCIE. We suggest that candidates take the CCIE certification first, which
    is the most cost-effective in terms of time and money.

    CCIE sets a professional
    standard for networking technology that is widely recognized by the industry.
    Holding the CCIE certification is considered to be the best proof of professional
    network technical knowledge and extensive work experience.

    The CCIE certification
    requires not only a written test (the score is valid for 18 months), but also a
    lab test that includes TS (Troubleshooting), GIAG (Diagnose), and CFG
    (Configuration), making it the most difficult of the three.

    However, CCIE is also the
    most valuable certification, which is recognized as the most authoritative
    certification in the IT industry. Currently, there are only about 50,000 people
    holding CCIE certification (including all directions of CCIE).

    It is difficult to pass the
    exam by self-study alone. Therefore, it is necessary to seek the help of
    professional training institutions.

    Lecturers at SPOTO not only have rich experience in
    teaching, but also have a lot of practical experience in network projects,
    providing rich theories for teaching. We provide the whole service for
    students. For outstanding students who meet the requirements, they will receive
    our gift after class.

    We also provide you with a
    free re-study service until you pass the certification. According to the actual
    situation of enterprises and students, we provide free employment recommendation
    service. We promise an unconditional full refund within 7 natural days from the
    date of accepting the service!

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