Gifts That Are Loved By Recipients on all Occasions

    The upcoming month is filled with occasions and events. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, Friendship Day, and many other events. This implies you are searching for gifts for a diverse recipient base, including your parents, siblings, lovers, friends, and relatives.  United by blood but divided by various preferences and likes. In such a scenario, it can be a tough task for you to browse and come up with gift ideas that suit all as well as the occasion. So, here we are with a gift guide having tokens that will be loved by recipients of all ages, gender, and relation. 


    These fragrant beauties are loved by all. Flowers instantly bring a smile to the face, and if the recipient smiles upon receiving a bunch of flowers, it is a worthy gift to give, and your job is done. You can choose flowers as per the relation. Lilies for mom because it symbolizes femininity and admiration. For lovers, red roses or any red color flower is the ideal choice to go with. Yellow flowers best express the joy of having friends around. Sunflowers, orchids, gerberas, birds of paradise are some flower choices you can give to males. Experiment with arrangements to make it a heart-warming gift. 


    Plants extend the feelings of care and nourishment. Plants are also found therapeutic to have in homes because of their benefits to cleanse the air, boost morale, increase productivity, and make home beautiful. Plants also bear fruits nurturing for their health. Some plants are edible, with leaves and stems used as herbs. For all the above reasons, it’s always good to gift a plant. One more reason that makes it the best ever choice is some plants have Feng Shui properties that, when placed in homes, will harbinger wealth, prosperity, fortune, happiness, and health. Lucky Bamboo, Money Plant, Succulent Jade, Flowering Orchids are some of the examples. You can buy rubber plants, money plants, bamboo plants online. 

    Sweets and Desserts:

    You must have seen your parents taking boxes of sweets to their relatives’ house or exchanging desserts at happy times. It is because in Indian culture, sweets are considered auspicious because of the ingredients of sugar and clarified butter (ghee). Ghee is sattvik in nature. Everyone loves sweets, some like traditional while others the fusion versions that shops are offering. As per the choice, you can go with any sweet or dessert items. You can gift baskets of sweets and fruits or a hamper of assorted sweet delicacies.

    Personalised Gifts:

    Of late, everyone seems to be captivated by personalised gifts. The sure way to make any recipient feel good on his/her special day is to grace them with personalized gifts. The category of personalized gifts is vast. Several tokens can be personalised and gifted as per the recipient’s requirements, like mugs for coffee/tea lover, champagne glasses for couples, cushions and photo frames for one who likes home decors, etc. 

    Handmade Gifts:

    Handmade gifts do not equal to being cheap gifts. Instead, they are an extension of one’s love. Also, giving handmade gifts does not mean you have to craft them, it could be handmade by someone else. You can add a personal touch or make it a keepsake by adding pictures or texts. Explosion boxes, scrapbooks, photo albums are all excellent examples of handmade gifts. 

    Combo Gifts:

    When two or more gifts are combined to make a single gift, its a combo gift. You can easily avail combo gifts from online stores like a box with flowers and personalised balloon, a bouquet of chocolates and flowers, a basket of decorative and edible tokens. 

    Please every relative of yours on their special days with these gift choices that they are secretly praying to receive. 

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