A Complete Guide Before Applying for SBI Credit Cards

    Many people are on the fence about the topic of credit
    cards. Are they a boon or a bane? There are several benefits when it comes to
    credit cards. For instance, you do not have to carry a huge amount of cash
    every time you have to go. At the same time, you do not run the risk of getting
    your money stolen so easily. You can also buy something that is way out of your
    budget at a time and then give back the money later to your credit card company.
    No matter what are the opinions of the general folks, credit cards are becoming
    more and more popular and are here to stay.

    Nowadays, every bank is offering credit cards in
    India. One of the most popular banks is the State Bank of India. SBI was founded
    in the year 1806 and is considered to be one of the largest and the oldest
    commercial banks in Asia. There are over 59,000 ATMs and the bank has a 20%
    market share in loans and deposits. It is a bank for every Indian. The bank
    serves the Indian citizens by satisfying their requirements and needs.
    Apply for SBI credit

    and get the best offers possible.

    of a Credit Card

        Travel Offers: When you
    purchase things with your credit card, you would be getting reward points and
    building your credit. Sometimes, when you have good reward points and credit
    score, you get travel offers. In case you are travelling and got your
    belongings and essentials stolen, you would also be able to call your credit
    card company and they would help you get through the matter without much of a

        Cashback: The cash-back
    credit card was made by Discover in the United States. By using a credit card,
    you would be able to buy anything and get a portion of your money back. For
    instance, if you use the Discover card at that time, you would get around 1%
    cashback on each purchase. Over the years, other companies built on that idea
    and now cash backs ranges from 1% to 6%, depending on the purchase. With time, these
    cash backs would amount to a sizable bonus.

        Reward Points: There are a
    lot of reward programs. The best way to get the best out of any credit card is
    to find one that aligns with your spending habits. For instance, you can opt
    for a credit card that has the point system. You earn points depending on your
    spending habits and then redeem them for discounts and cashback later down the
    line. Some cards are known to offer exclusive travel benefits. If you are a
    frequent traveler, getting such cards would be beneficial and provide you with
    bonuses and discounts. These kinds of benefits are applicable for spending on
    groceries, dining and transportation too.

        Fraud Protection: One of the
    biggest advantages of credit cards is the extra layer of security when compared
    to debit cards. If you lose your card, and any purchases are made after that,
    you would not be losing money directly from your bank account. Once you report
    your stolen card, you would not be charged for the purchases at all. The
    company would block the card and carry on the investigation. In the case of
    debit cards, the money is directly deducted from your bank account. Getting the
    money back is not impossible but takes a lot more of your time.

        Credit Scores: With good and consistent
    usage, you would be able to build a credit history. The credit scores are the
    result of your financial actions. They show how much responsible you are with
    money. For instance, if you are planning to take a loan in the future, having a
    good credit score would ease up the process. This is because your credit scores
    are sent to the credit bureaus and the scores reflect your capacity to deal
    with money. The longer you use your credit card, the more would you build your
    credit history, thus, improving your credit scores.

        Tracking: Credit cards are a
    great way to budget better. All your purchases are stated in your credit card
    statement. That way, you would be able to have a documented record of your
    expenses. Some companies even keep these records for years.

        Grace Period: Credit cards
    have a grace period, a time when you can pay off the previous month’s bills
    accordingly. Use this grace period wisely as it contributes a lot to the
    building of your credit score. To avoid any
    additional charges while paying your bills and
    building your score, make sure to not spend more than you earn.

        Universal Acceptance: Credit
    cards are more accepted universally than debit cards. Renting cars and housing
    is easier when using a credit card, too. Most credit cards are allowed in
    foreign countries while the same cannot be said for every debit card.


    If you deem yourself financially responsible, using a
    credit card can bring you a lot of benefits – such as rewards, protection, and
    convenience. Building your credit would also enable you to get loans in the
    future if need be.

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