5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Upholstery Clean

    Upholstery is a vital investment for every homeowner who values comfort, and it requires good maintenance to last long. Vacuuming your sofa, couch, and upholstery weekly is a strategy to reduce wear and tear and make the most out of your furniture. While there are upholstery cleaning Sydney professionals to choose from, you may want to count on credible cleaning companies for your upholstery’s longevity. You can also keep your furniture clean by learning a few tips for that purpose. 

    Here are five easy tricks to keep your upholstery neat inside-out

    1. Renew Your Upholstery Colour With A Scrubbing Brush

    When you realise that the colour of your upholstery has started fading, do not look for a furniture catalogue yet. Your upholstery looks dull because of the accumulation of dust on the surface and deep inside the fabric. To bring back its bright colour, clean the material with a scrubbing brush. Doing this will loosen the fibre and allow you to extract the dust build-up. When you are done scrubbing the fabric, your upholstery will shine once again.

    1. Clear Grease Stains With Salt

    Grease coming into contact with your upholstery is terrible news for you. There is a big chance that a small grease stain spot can end up becoming a permanent nightmare. One easy way to undo grease on your upholstery is to lift it with salt. You can cover the grease spill with a paper towel to absorb the excess oil. Then sprinkle grains of salt on the stain spot and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before vacuuming. Hopefully, the salt will extract all the grease. If that procedure fails, consult upholstery-cleaning experts to get rid of the mess permanently. 

    1. De-Pill Your Fabric

    Assuming your upholstery is pilling, consider buying a de-pilling comb or maybe a lint shaver to undo the fuzzies. Addressing signs of piling in the early stage is an effective hack to keep your upholstery fresh and clean. 

    1. Use Your Steam Mop

    Do you have a steam mop in your home for cleaning hard floors? Well, the same device can come in handy when you need to clean your upholstery. Before putting your steam mop to use, you may want to test it on an inconspicuous area. Sometimes a low-setting is good enough for cleaning different fabrics – avoid using it on silk, though. Use the steam cleaning mop by tuning the power to your advantage. Do a few passes over your cushions, armrests, and other areas. You can also blot with a neat white towel to remove dirt.

    1. Dust Your Furniture

    You can minimise dust and crumbs on your upholstery by vacuuming your fabric with upholstery attachments. These will remove general crumbs and dirt that were carried from the floor to your fabric surface. Regular vacuuming prevents the dirty particles from embedding themselves deeper into the upholstery fabric.

    Couch Master makes it easier for you to achieve fantastic cleaning results. So, book a free consultation now with upholstery cleaning Sydney experts.

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