Conditional permanent residence and conditional Green Card renewal

    The rules listed above do not apply to those with Conditional Permanent Residence (RCP) or Conditional Green Card status. CPR status is valid for 2 years. Within 90 days of the expiration date of your conditional permanent residence status, you must apply for permanent residence or Green Card.

    You cannot replace, remove conditions on green card or renew your Conditional Green Card if it has already expired, nor can you renew it if it expires in 90 days. You must apply for permanent resident status.

    The Green Card lottery in the United States: madness or incredible luck?

    The terrorist from New York had won his residence permit in the United States thanks to the lottery which grants random green cards. Before Donald Trump abolishes the system… Is it madness or an incredible chance “to grant residence permits on the basis of a lottery”?

    Those who dream of America undoubtedly also dream of this lottery which each year allows 50,000 foreign nationals to obtain the green card which allows them to settle and therefore work in the United States. The Green Card is the symbol of this America, the land of immigration. In 2011, a congressional report found the program reliable. The New York terrorist won his Green Card in 2010. From Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, he arrived in Ohio before going to live in Florida and then in New Jersey.

    built on the immigration system

    political science researcher and director of the Hugo Observatory: “In 1995, the challenge was to recognize that the United States was built on immigration and that immigration is organized today by corridor People are migrating from country A to country B. So the purpose of this program was to diversify the sources of immigration, to kind of welcome the whole world to the United States. ‘is how a number of residence permits, 50,000 per year, are distributed to citizens of countries that had relatively little immigration to the United States. If you come from a country where there is already a lot of immigration to the United States, this country is excluded because it no longer meets the criteria for diversification. “

    At the time, this system was considered “safe”: “Citizens who receive the residence permit do not receive it like that, one day by post. You must first submit an application and then there is a screening process that is carried out once you are drawn. It does not mean that you automatically have a residence permit. Then there is the verification process that ensures that you enter the criteria, in particular, that one does not have a criminal record. The process is no more or less secure than any other immigration system. “

    Lottery system

    this lottery system is ” arguably fairer and more egalitarian than others. Others like Canada have a points system, which is the system Donald Trump would like to go to today. This system has its advantages and disadvantages. It is certain that the lottery system is undoubtedly fairer, more egalitarian than others. But it also involves certain risks. It is not because the terrorist had benefited from a residence permit with a lottery system, that we could not have had a terrorist with another system. A points system, even with a system like the one we have in Europe – that is to say an economic immigration or asylum system where this type of lottery or points system does not exist – that does not prevent having terrorists, unfortunately. It must be said that zero risk does not exist and whatever system is put in place, there is always this risk. It may depend on the policies that will be put in place upon arrival. “

    The abandonment of the lottery system is not an obvious thing for Gemini: “We see that President Trump tends to put more and more restrictions on immigration to the United States. Presumably, I would tend to say that it will push towards a point-based immigration system, as is the case in Canada. Nevertheless, there is still a great attachment in the United States to this green card system. something that is now somewhat embedded in American culture and I think a lot of Americans will feel like they are giving up part of their culture if they abandon this system. “

    There are three main immigration systems:

    1. A lottery system like in the United States

    2. A points system like in Canada

    3. A quota system as it exists in other countries, especially in the Pacific

    “And then there is the system as we have in Europe, that is to say, no real immigration policy: either there is family reunification, or because you already have a job, or by asking asylum. And this explains why our asylum procedures are so clogged up because we do not have a real immigration system. “

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