What do you put in a baby hamper

     Your friend is expecting a baby, now what ?

    Bringing a new life into this world is a wonderful, exciting moment: it can bring happiness, light and hope not only to the family that is going to be blessed with a new member; but also to the friends and loved ones that surround them. However, raising a new baby is a lot of hard work, and the happy family is going to need a lot of help: that is why baby hampers make such a great gift. Baby hampers are a little “mom and baby” bag full of little goodies and treats that will help the new mother and her baby take care of themselves and smooth over the pregnancy, birth and child raising process, and they make wonderful gifts because they are thoughtful, cute and can be easily personalized.

    What do you put in a baby hamper ?

    If you have already decided to create a baby hamper you might be a little at loss on what to include on it, specially if you don’t know a lot about babies. Luckily, if you know the mother well you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble catering to her tastes. Some of the items you should include are:

    -A basket. It doesn’t need to be made out of natural fibres, you have many choices: you can substitute it by a pretty laundry box, a practical baby bathtub, or a nursery bin that can be reused later.Be creative !

    -A plush baby blanket, so that mommy has something to cover the baby with. Make sure the cloth is baby friendly: you wouldn’t want the baby to swallow dangerous particles !

    -Organic baby care products such as shampoo, lotion, oil, wipes.

    -Practical baby care items, such as baby thermometers, brushes, nail cutters, bibs or bath towels.

    -Baby clothing, such as rompers or onesies.

    -Small treats for the mother, such as her favourite chocolates or a relaxed scented candle.

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