Practice Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers to Ace the Exams

    Commerce stream subjects need practice, so you must practice at least one sample paper before the board exams. In the latest series of sample papers that CBSE has released, you will see many changes and the new exam pattern. 

    Download the best Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers for all subjects from VSI Jaipur and solve them for practice. There is more for you at VSI; find out in this article. Also, get familiar with the new exam pattern set by CBSE. There are tips for you at the end, which will help you level up your preparation to ace the exams. 

    How can VSI Jaipur help you in Class 12 Commerce exam preparation? 

    VSI Jaipur is the best destination for class 12 commerce students to find the right guidance for exam preparation. You will get many resources to make learning simple and more practical for you.

    Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers for all subjects are one of them. 

    The study material like free book PDFs, syllabus, and date sheet updates will also help you in your studies. VSI Jaipur also shares some amazing resources like the tutorial videos on YouTube for class 12 commerce students and the study tips, time management techniques on their blog. 

    All these things will enable you to make the most of your study time and prepare to give the best performance in the board exams.

    How will Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers help you? 

    The class xii commerce sample papers will test you, and your performance will help you filter the topics in which you are weak. This way, even if you thought you had completed the syllabus, you can still understand which topics need a little more practice. 

    With the help of sample papers, not only will you know the new type of questions that can come in the exam, but you also get hands-on experience in analyzing them and understanding how to solve them. 

    The solutions and marking scheme of the Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers will explain to you how to present your answer in the exam. You can get the key points on what is expected from you in the exam. 

    The exam time allotted to read the paper and write the answers is limited, but you can make it sufficient for you. For that, you need to test your writing speed. Solving the sample paper like an exam will explain how fast/slow you can write in the exam without compromising on your answer quality. 

    New Paper Pattern as per the Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers from CBSE

    You will find many changes in the class 12 Sample Papers 2021. CBSE has introduced new types of questions and even changed the question marks pattern in a few subjects. Here are some of the major changes:

    • Just like CBSE assured earlier, due to the 30% reduction in the syllabus, the class 12th commerce sample papers’ questions are framed only around 70% of the syllabus. 

    • Earlier, the 1 mark questions were a mixture of true and false, MCQs, one word, or one line answers. Now you will find most of the 1 mark questions in the sample papers to be MCQs. In fact, in the English sample paper. 

    • You will find an increase in the number of questions in a few subjects’ sample papers. 

    • You will also get to see professional exam questions in some subjects, like: 

      • Journal entry-based MCQ in the Accountancy sample paper,

      • Assertion and Reason question in Economics Sample paper, 

      • Case Studies Based Questions (CBQ) in Economics, Maths, Business Studies, and Accountancy sample papers.

    • Internal choices are given in more questions in the Maths sample paper. 

    • There are case study questions on current affairs like in the Economics sample paper.

    • The marking pattern changed in Maths and English sample papers.

      • The new marks of questions will be 1, 2, 3, 5 marks in the Maths paper,

      • English sample paper is completely modified. Section A of 40 marks consists of unseen passages and extract questions from literature. All the questions of section A are MCQs. Section B of 40 marks consists of writing questions and descriptive answer literature questions. The marking scheme of the questions has changed in Section B. 

    • CBSE class 12th Commerce sample paper 2020-21 shows this time, you will see more concept-based questions in the exams.

    5 Things to keep in mind when solving Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers

    1. Finish the syllabus before you solve the sample papers.

    2. Avoid reading the class 12 commerce sample paper PDFs and solutions before solving it. 

    3. Take time to solve it like a 3-hour board exam. 

    4. Be strict with the exam deadline. Stop when the 3-hours are up. 

    5. Write as you are appearing for the class 12 board exam. Use proper steps and complete tables, figures, etc. Don’t write short forms of words as you write in notes.

    Pro-tips for Commerce Exams

    Besides solving the Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers, you can use these tips to ace your board exams. 

    1.  Use precise answers. You don’t have to beat around the bush. Writing simple answers will get you marks. 

    2. Using nice vocabulary is good in English paper, but don’t use it if you are unsure. The best way to avoid grammatical errors is to use short sentences everywhere possible.  

    3. Use charts and tables in Economics. Make your answers look complete and backed by solid logic. But again, don’t overdo it in fewer marks questions until the question specifies. 

    4. Don’t skip steps in Maths. Write formulae, and attempt a few steps. Even if you don’t get to the right answer, you will score some marks.  

    5. Write formulae in Accountancy and follow the complete formats in accounts, journals, and balance sheets. 

    6. Use flow charts and highlight the keywords/points. It will make it easy for you to get good scores on your mark sheet. 

    Make the best use of the Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers. You can improve now and ensure high marks, maybe 90+ even in your results. Complete your syllabus and plan the days to solve the sample papers soon. 

    Make yourself familiar with the new exam pattern, focus more on understanding concepts if you want to ace the exams. If everything seems overwhelming to you, then check the VSI youtube tutorials for important topics and website blogs for learning hacks, study tips, and how to do time management.

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