Essentials to Carry In the Times of Covid-19

     We are all facing the hard times of this pandemic together. A disease that forbids human touch has made it so hard for us to make sure that we do not come in contact with human skin. We live to survive, and for that,, we need to go out to earn money without touching a single soul or getting too close to someone. 

    So, now there are two things, one- there is a pandemic that doesn’t want us to touch any human being and second- we have to go outside so that we can earn money or buy essential things but with precaution not to touch anyone. Keeping both the important factors in fighting the Covid-19 disease, it is in our hands how we handle it. Whenever we go out, it is vital to carry Covid-19 essentials that will help us to prevent this deadly virus.

    Covid-19 is a respiratory disease that attacks our lungs and spread through the contact of human skin. Experts have made the information public regarding the things to carry with us if we have to go out for some reason:

    A face mask:

    A face mask is necessary when we go outside to buy something or for our jobs that cannot be done from home. While going out, make sure your face and nose are covered so that the air you inhale is filtered before the virus reaches your nostrils or mouth. A face mask will prevent the germs that are in the air and a cause of sickness. 

    Make sure you do not sneeze or cough in public, and if you do, your face is fully covered, reducing the risk of any illness. If you use disposable masks, then dispose of them as soon as your work is done, and you are at your safe place to prevent further spread and if you are using a reusable mask, make sure to wash it properly once your day is finished.

    Hand sanitizer:

    We have to prevent human touch at any cost, and if by chance we have touched someone, we should immediately wash our hands. We cannot find soap and water everywhere we go. This will make it difficult to follow proper hand hygiene. So carry a hand sanitizer that you can frequently use even if you haven’t touched anyone. 

    Alcohol hand sanitizer will terminate the germs temporarily; that is why it is necessary to sanitize your hands at regular intervals. Once you reach home, you have to wash your hands properly with soap and water because a sanitizer is only a temporary solution for germs.

    Other things to keep in mind:

    When you are out, ensure proper social distancing.

    Do not stand in a group as it will increase the risk of the spread of germs.

    Eat healthy to boost your immunity avoid junk and street food.

    Make sure once you come home, you dispose of your mask and sanitize your clothes. Wash your hands and face. Taking a bath would be a better option. 

    Do not touch anyone before you properly wash your hand or take a bath. This will reduce the risk to your family of getting sick. 

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