Why Visit a Psychologist for Severe Anxiety Disorder Treatment?

     Feeling nervous or anxious in a stressful situation is a normal human reaction. But if the anxiety becomes a trap, it can impact a person’s life negatively. If a person is prone to get anxiety attacks every now and then, even in minor stressful situations. In that case, it can impair his or her ability to continue a routine, including tackling daily life challenges, work, relationship with family and friends, social situations, etc.

    Many of you must have tried several treatments to get through anxiety issues but have failed. The reason is consistency and patience. People want quick results in tackling such sensitive situations, which is impossible. Success in curing mental illnesses is only achieved if you take the proper steps consistently and not care about the results immediately.

    Understanding Anxiety-

    As the world is turning into a busy place, societal pressure is being build-up on adults and kids. The pressure of getting the best job, studying in the top university or school, exceeding the exam results, etc. Everyone wants the best for themselves. This tension has resulted in the disturbance of mental peace, leading to depression and anxiety disorders. 

    Anxiety is of various types which need to be treated differently. 

    If you ask me, with the help of an expert psychologist who can guide you through and with proper medication, you can achieve better results for your anxiety disorder.

    Types of Anxiety Disorders-

     1) Chronic Anxiety- Constant worrying, nervousness and tension that is not temporary and requires proper treatment by a medical professional.

     2) Social Anxiety- Fear of social embarrassment and judgement, leading to nervousness and anxiety.

     3) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)- Anxiety that usually exists due to persistent and uncontrollable thoughts of doing a particular thing, for instance, cleaning one specific spot regularly.

    4) Posttraumatic Stress Disorder- Anxiety that follows after a traumatic incident such as an accident, death of a loved one, disaster, or criminal activity.

    Why is it Important to Seek Help from a Psychologist?

    Victims of anxiety disorders are usually overwhelmed by their emotions and act negatively towards their thoughts. Therefore, they tend to avoid situations that can heighten their feelings, but doing so can feed their anxiety when facing such problems. 

    That is why it is essential to take help from a trained psychologist who can teach you effective ways to cope with such circumstances and lead a healthier life. Many patients usually require cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) that effectively treats anxiety disorders. CBT helps in determining the weak points and changing the thinking pattern that leads to anxiety.

    In this process, the psychologist will participate with the patient to support him in all the activities via the thought changing process, to identify various patterns, characteristics and habits. Patients are asked to continue these changes after their sessions, and reports are made at every stage to see how well the patient is performing. However, if the patients find it difficult, their therapist will change the technique to overcome anxiety disorders.

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