Advantages and Disadvantages Of The Baby Walker

    When we imagine that our baby will begin to take its first steps, the magical image of the child appears in our mind, going from crawling to walking holding onto our hand. 

    However, many babies need extra stimulation and this can be motivated thanks to the use of the walker. It is a device that is defended and criticized in equal measure, which contains advantages and disadvantages depending on its use.

    The advantages of the walker for babies 

    Some of the advantages of the walker for children is that they help their body to be completely upright for the first time and to hit the ground with their feet without the help of their hands. It is also a good component so that the child can move around the interior of the house without slipping – although you always have to be aware so that there is no accident.

    Although it is not recommended that it be used to learn to walk as such, the walker can be present in our child’s life as another complement or toy for entertainment. Are u Looking to Buy the best baby walker for tall babies you Can also See our Comprehensive guide on this Topic?

    Why are walkers bad for babies? 

    However, we found another series of reasons that find disadvantages in the fact that babies use a walker to start their steps. 

    • They really do not teach walking:  Far from what it may seem at first, the walker is not a fundamental element for the child to start taking their first steps. Many times it supposes just the opposite effect because the child does not learn to walk with it, but to slide by dragging it.  

    • They can negatively alter development: The development of the child’s legs is important in the day-to-day of their first steps, and with the walker, they will not be able to carry out the process in a necessary way. 

    • It can cause accidents: Although it is true that the walker can be used as a toy, it can be very dangerous, since if we lose sight of the child in a second, they could roll down the stairs with the walker. 

    • It is bad for motor skills: The child needs to learn to walk not only with his legs, but also with the help of the psychomotor skills of his arms. This is not achieved through a walker, which will even negatively contribute to the fact that the arms do not move in step with the legs. 

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