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Are you searching for the best Android and iOS apps? If so, these updated lists of the most popular applications will make your life simpler. For some years, mobile applications have been at the forefront of creativity. Mobile apps are helping companies remain active and competitive in the face of an ever-growing competition, emerging modern technology, and increasing consumer behaviour. Millions of people around the world benefit from some of the most common applications.

1. Gbwhatsapp:

Many users nowadays use WhatsApp to share images, pictures, audio, and other media. GBWhatsApp APK is available for free download and installed on your smartphone if you’re using WhatsApp with any extra functionality. Developers tweaked the official WhatsApp app to include functionality such as hiding double ticks, changing themes, setting online status, using multiple WhatsApp accounts, and more. There are additional privacy options, and therefore there is no cost to use it.

2. Microsoft SwiftKey:

Among the most powerful and adjustable third-party keyboards available is Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. It first appeared on the market many years ago with a prediction engine unlike any other keyboard, and the application has evolved significantly since then. It’s available online for free download, with extra themes available for sale. A dedicated number lines, SwiftKey Flow, which provides for gesture texting, different language support, library syncing through devices, and many more are among the other features. In the keyboard room, it was about as good as it’s going. While Microsoft now holds SwiftKey, they have so far avoided tampering with it.

3. Airbnb:

If you don’t want to stay in a conventional hotel, Airbnb can be your go-to app for locating houses, studios, residences, and other special lodging. You don’t have to stay for a brief period of time; several sites allow you to book a stay for several months, which might cater to people who are working temporary jobs in unfamiliar places. This travel app also shows other activities and restaurants so you can learn all there is to know about a place.

4. fuboTV:

If you’re looking to cut the cord on sports, fuboTV is a perfect choice. This “games-first, but not sports-only” service provides 85 channels of live sports and entertainment programming on all of your users. FuboTV has you covered whether you’d like to watch Football games on Sunday, catch up on an MLB game that aired throughout the day, or even download a video on demand. FuboTV also has excellent DVR capabilities and other capabilities that allow you to move ahead on networking events that you might otherwise miss. Streaming live as well as on shows performed flawlessly in our tests.

5. Brave Privacy Browser:

Brave Privacy Browser has a range of tools to ensure your web safety and privacy. For instance, it has decided to build ad, pop-up, document, and third-party tracker blockers. It also comes with the HTTPS Anywhere extension, which guarantees the security of your web connections. The lightweight, minimalist style is also appealing.


Here are a few of best free Android applications we’ve discovered on our trips via Google Play, whether you’ve got a new Android Smartphone to load up with apps or you’re only searching for new updates to your old handset.