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5 Video Editing Tips for Creating Better Social Media Content


We are living in a digital world, and nowadays, everybody is keen to cherish and make their special moments memorable. People create video content to share it with people on social media platforms. Also, there are many types of videos that attract more viewers on social media. However, not every viewer or audience would like some type of video or content. 

Thus, some of the different types of videos to which the audiences respond are – interview, behind the scene, product video, live videos, promos, user-generated content, contests, announcements, events, and news

There are many websites available online that help you ease the process of video making and create great content for the viewers. clipchamp is a leading website that helps you create stunning videos that are easy, quick, and affordable. 

Below mentioned are some of the video editing tips that would help you to create great content with the help of online platforms such as clipchamp:

  1. Enhance videos’ visuals: With technological advancements, nowadays, you can directly make a short film on your phone and share it with your friends, customers, and others on social media. But there is a high possibility that the viewers would watch the video without sound. Thus, you can add text in the video instead of videos. Also, the visuals in the video should be appealing, eye-catching, and interesting so that the message that you intend to convey would be done through visuals only. Hence, working on the visuals would help you increase your video’s viewership on social media. 

  2. Opt for square-oriented videos: It has been observed that square-oriented photos are more preferred by the viewers on various social media platforms as they can be viewed on any device, i.e. mobile, tablet, laptop, and others. Also, when we record the video in square footage, you will have to edit or crop less from the frame. Online platforms such as Clipchamp would help you choose from the templates to make your video look subtle and professional.  

  3. Check the duration (length) of the video: The length of your video would depend on the platform on which you would be uploading your video. All social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and others have different scroll times for the videos. For instance:Check out more details from here 토토사이트

Social Media Platform



On Facebook, content is important. Hence, the videos which are good in content and of short duration are preferred by the viewers. Thus, a video of around 1 minute would be suitable for Facebook users to get their views, likes, share, comments, and reactions.


Instagram is a visual platform where the users scroll through videos quickly and move to the next page. Any Instagram user can post photos of around 1 minute long and expect the quality of any video posted on the platform to be of the same quality of the images. Thus, it is advised that a video of around 30 seconds would get more views on Instagram.


A video on Twitter should be done briefly, as the tweets on Twitter are brief. A video with a meaningful, powerful impact and is completed in 45 seconds would float highly on any Twitter handle.


The viewers of YouTube expect long-duration videos as this platform is meant for viewing videos. The viewers can watch the content of around 30 minutes long on YouTube, as long as the content of the video is strong and appealing. Thus, a strong video of around 2 minutes or more is preferred to gain more views on YouTube. 

  1. Think out of the box: You can always play with your videos by adding some other elements other than the visuals, such as text, special effects, borders, and others. Addition of these fun elements would make your video look more attractive and appealing to a large base of viewers. When people enjoy your video with these additional elements, there are high chances that they would wait to watch your next video. Thus, creating a video by thinking out of the box and adding a few fun elements would increase your viewership. 

  2. Let the video look good: These days, people are not that keen to watch average videos. Thus, the quality of videos should be great so that more viewers would be attracted to watch. Some of the aspects to consider for the video to look good are avoiding shaky footage, lighting conditions should be appropriate, and using techniques such as color correction or color grading.

In addition, to the tips mentioned above, you can also consider the following tips to make your video look better:

  • The video should entertain, educate, and inspire the viewers.

  • The video should keep the viewers engaged and grab their attention in the first few seconds.

  • You can add captions to the video so that the viewers can follow along with it.

  • Experiment with a new view while shooting the video, such as bird’s eye view (drone videos), Go-Pro action view, and 360-degree view. 

  • Let the videos be in the loop from all your other social media accounts so that the viewers can view your other videos if it interests them. 

  • Short videos are the most accepted ones on any social media platform. 

  • Online websites and applications would help you to be creative with your videos.

  • You can upload your video on social media natively, i.e. share a link or upload the video directly. 

Thus, with the use of above-mentioned tips, you can let your viewers know your creativity and personality. With these tips, it is easy for the content providers to create appealing video content that conveys their personality or brand message. 

Thus, whatever your goal is in creating the video, these tips would help you create good video content that looks good and is viewed and shared more by the viewers. Also, a strong content video would let the people wait for your next video. Hence, make use of the online platforms for video making to reach out to the maximum number of people.