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Pimple Patches: The Smallest Way to Get Rid of a Pimple


Dealing with skin issues, particularly acne, is nothing new. This type of skin problem affects a large number of people from puberty to the end of perimenopause stage. Living with acne can be stressful and damaging to one’s self-esteem. It is difficult to find a perfect product that can get rid of your zits, and usually, several treatments are required, as well as doctor’s visits and prescription medications. It is the reason why consumers nowadays are looking for innovative products that can help them at least minimise acne size and help reduce its inflammation.

A pimple patch is one of the hottest products in the market right now for those who suffer from blemishes. These small bandages are designed to be applied directly to pimples in order to speed up the drying process. A pimple patch is made of hydrocolloid, a squishy, plasticky material commonly used in hospital wound healing bandages. The material absorbs fluid from a wound. It then forms a gel that becomes trapped in the bandage and turns the area white. Many pimple patches are small translucent stickers, but others are eye-catching bright yellow stars and jewel-encrusted flower shapes. 

How Do These Magical Pimple Patches Work?

Yes, we know that these stickers treat acne spots and help reduce pimples’ appearance while also speeding up healing. 

  • Pimple patch sucks your pores.

It absorbs excess fluid and creates a vacuum-like effect, removing any dirt and excess oil causing your breakout. The patch will convert dirt and fluid absorbed by it into a gel-like substance. The substance adheres to the patch and is sealed away from the face. This will prevent bacteria from entering the pimple. It also reduces the swollen area and redness of your acne.

  • Prevents you from touching and picking your zits.

Isn’t it tempting to act like a surgeon and perform unlicensed surgery on your face whenever you see a large pimple on your face? Later, you’ll notice that your pimple has grown three times larger than it was before. Touching, picking, and popping out acne, as all skin experts remind us, causes inflammation, and lengthens the healing process. It may also leave a mark, scar, or discolouration on your face. You won’t be able to touch your blemish if you use a patch to cover the area where your acne is located.

  • Assist you in treating your breakout.

Pimple patch contains active ingredients such as salicylic acid, which aids in the treatment of breakouts. Salicylic acid is one of the well-known activities that aid in removing dirt and bacteria from pores. There are also pimple patches containing aloe vera and vitamin A, which helps reduce inflammation.

Tips in Using Pimple Patch

  • Always read and follow the brand’s instructions.

  • It is best to wear these patches as an overnight treatment because skin cells regenerate while we sleep, contributing to our skin’s natural treatment process.

  • To begin using pimple patches, clean and moisturize your face as usual. Put the sticker on your pimple and leave it on overnight. Remove it in the morning, and then wash your face as you normally would during your morning skincare routine.

Now that you know more about these magical pimple patches, no one can stop you from getting and using one when it is necessary. However, remember that it does not prevent you from getting acne in the future. Continue to take care of your skin and follow your daily skin regimen to keep your pimples from reappearing.