Why Is Huawei Freebuds 3i Better Than All Other Batteries?

    If you’re looking for the perfect in ear monitoring solution for on the go entertainment, the Huawei Freebuds 3i are the ones for you. Fuses seamlessly into your ears for a completely wireless connection. Features include:

    Fits your ears, but fits your style – The Freebuds 3i are an ideal all-round earbud solution, providing exceptional fit and comfort. Featuring round, cone-like, solid-feeling body profiles, these compact earbuds fit well and effortlessly into your ears for a secure and comfortable fit. Pair them with the flexible, slip-on silicone tips which come in four different sizes to suit your individual needs for a secure and comfortable fit. The all-important connector plugs into the back of the ear for a single, secure charge of up to 16 hours of music playback. Once the battery dies, the rechargeable power pack can be plugged directly into the mains for another round of charging.

    Powerful Sounds – The active noise cancellation technologies used on the Huawei Freebuds 3i ensures that your music never reaches beyond your ear. These earphones have been designed for people to enjoy their music without the distraction of external noise and activity. They offer music that is truly pure, rich and deep, with powerful bass and smooth treble tones. In fact, the treble sounds so strong that they make white noise easily noticeable. And if you are using any Bluetooth device (phones, digital media players etc), they will play without any disruption.

    Powerful Sound Quality – The built-in noise-canceling technology used on the internals of the earphone devices ensures that they produce pure, powerful sound quality, without any distortion. And the built-in beat audio processing means that you get an extremely natural tone every time. No more digital distortion, no more background sounds, just pure music from your favourite headphones. If you prefer music with a bit more bassity then there is a built-in subwoofer positioned on the outer edges of the ear. If you are looking for extra bass then the second earphone plug-in slot can also cater for this need. All in all, the Huawei Freebuds 3i delivers excellent sound quality.

    Great Call Quality – The robustness of the internals of the freebies 3i ensures that they are exceptionally efficient when it comes to making that important phone call. In addition to the powerful bass notes they offer, they also have the added benefit of providing a superior call quality due to their noise-canceling microphone setup. The microphone incorporated within the earbud is a groundbreaking development for any smartphone manufacturer. This allows users of the Freebuds 3i to enjoy hands-free call quality at a lower cost.

    Stylish Design – Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of the airport is its stylish, sleek look. Compared to competing brands, the build quality of the two is also highly impressive. The earbuds are made of high grade silicone and the clasps are designed to ensure that they can’t fall out, no matter how much abuse they are put through. Despite their elegant design, the price range of the freebies range is fairly modest.

    Noise cancellation – If you are looking for that ultimate peace of mind when using your phone, then the built-in noise cancellation system of the freebies 3i is something to be considered. Unlike ordinary headphones, which have a tendency to pick up external noise, this smartphone has a sophisticated noise canceling microphone. As a result, it is able to capture phone calls without picking up other background noise. To put it in simple terms, it allows you to use the phone without having to talk into it, focus on the call, and then take a call later (without having to speak for yourself). The clarity of the captured calls is clearly above that of most of its competitors.

    Protection – The freebies 3i protection pack from Huawei is made up of durable and hardy material, which means that the earphone will be able to handle prolonged drops and bumps. This is especially useful for users who frequently travel or use their phones outdoors, as they will have no concerns for dropping their phones. In addition to the tough outer shell, the inside features a micro USB port for charging the phone. Also, the phone is protected by an extended warranty, so even if the first week of use does not go smoothly, there is still a chance to get a replacement. This is a feature not found on many competitors.

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