A comprehensive guide about the types of alcohol

    When you crave a pint or two of alcoholic drinks, you might drive to the bar or purchase them from a physical store. But during your busy days, you can take advantage of the internet by opting for online alcohol delivery. Whether you plan a huge party or invite your friends over to your place, shopping for drinks online offers convenience. Additionally, you save a lot of time and benefit by choosing from a variety. With this comprehensive guide, you will certainly get to know all about alcohol and its types.

    How is alcohol made?

    If you want to know what exactly alcohol is, you must understand its making. Ethanol is a chemical found in various alcoholic drinks. Grains, vegetables and fruits are used in making alcohol through a process called fermentation. This alcoholic fermentation or ethanol fermentation converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. It is an anaerobic process that requires yeast and doesn’t need oxygen. The by-products of this process include water, alcohol, carbon dioxide and heat. The fermentation of fruits produces wine and cider, whereas the fermentation of the cereals like barley and rye produce beer and spirits. Additionally, milk can be fermented to produce alcohol. The alcoholic content of a single drink depends upon the time left for fermentation. For a stronger concentration of flavour, spirits go through the distillation process. In this process, alcohol is separated in a fermented brew. For instance, water, alcohol and other ingredients within a fermented brew give this fascinating liquid its flavour. Alcohol becomes concentrated when it is separated from the rest. Since the boiling temperature of the alcohol is low, you can separate it in the form of gas.

    What are the different types of alcohol?

    Different types of alcohol are separated into major categories like distilled beverages and fermented beverages. Below listed are the categories.

    1. Distilled beverages: When the distilled beverages are mixed with whiskey, coke, fruit juices or water, your drink will be more palatable. Additionally, the percentage of alcohol in this beverage is high. Below listed are some of these beverages.

    • Liquor: Liquor and spirits are terms that are used interchangeably in the alcohol world. The six different types of liquor are vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, rum and brandy. Vodka is made from grains and potatoes. Due to the subtle flavor profile, they can be easily distinguished between brands. Gin is flavoured with different botanicals and spices. If your gin doesn’t consist of juniper berries, it is not gin at all. Whiskey is distilled from fermented grain juice, whereas rum is distilled from sugar cane or molasses. Well, most rums are made from molasses, and it is often aged in wooden barrels. You can avail spiced rums, which is rum flavoured with different spices. When a fermented blue plant agave juice is distilled, the result is tequila. Tequila has been gaining popularity in recent years. Brandy is made by distilling fermented fruits, especially fermented grape juice.

    • Liqueurs: Liqueurs are sweetened spirits that are mostly flavoured with spices and herbs. You can use them to make cocktails and shots. Amaretto (an almond-based liqueur), Chambord (a raspberry flavoured liqueur) and Midori (a green-colored melon flavoured liqueur) are a few types of liqueur.

    1. Fermented beverages: Fermented beverages are lower in alcohol content and go through the fermentation process. This beverage contains two major categories like wine and beer.

    • Wine: Fermented grape juice is known as wine. The categories of wine include red wine, sparkling wine and white wine. As the name suggests, red wine is red in color, and the skins of these grapes remain during fermentation. For white wine, the skin is removed before the process of fermentation. Sparkling wine is light in color. The popular style of sparkling wine is made in the French region of Champagne. That’s how Champagne got its name.

    • Beer: Beer is made when cereal or grain is fermented. Additionally, wheat is also fermented to make beer. The two main types of beers are ales and lagers. Ales are heavier and fuller in colour, whereas lagers are light and crisp.

    Now that you know a lot about alcohol, you can opt for alcohol delivery through online stores instead of walking in any brick-and-mortar stores. Alcohol is the perfect beverage for any special occasion. Surely, the beverage will steal the show.

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