How to Buy an Album for Preserving Old Photos?

     Family photographs contain many memories, which no family member wants ever to get rid of. When photos are improperly organized or are shuffled between persons, they can undergo a lot of wear and tear. Pictures of ancestors or significant events like marriages are invaluable. Thus, you should take steps to protect them as best as you can. Photo albums are generally an inexpensive way of preserving your photos. When you choose to buy photo albums online, ensure that they are made with high-quality materials, preferably those with a stitch-bound construction. Picking the best album shouldn’t be a hasty decision. 

    Here are certain vital points to consider while purchasing one. 

    Use an Album Having Archival Quality

    There are many photo albums available in the market, which are not of archival quality. It means that they are not safe for storing photos for the long term. When you place photos into an album that does not have archival quality, they get damaged over some time. Although you won’t notice the effects quickly, they are sure to show in the long term. Stay away from buying albums having an adhesive backing. The adhesive is what lightly glues the photos to the page. Over time, it yellows and also turns brittle. It makes it very challenging to remove. Moreover, it contains chemicals that lead the photos to disintegrate

    Assess the Size and Photo Capacity

    Albums come in many capacities and sizes. The sizes are in inches. Some standard sizes are 4-inch by 6-inch, 5-inch by 7-inch, 5-inch by 5-inch, 8-inch by 10-inch, and 6-inch by 8-inch. Scrapbook photo albums tend to be bigger, mainly around 12-inch by 12-inch. This larger size allows it to accommodate bigger memorabilia, like stationery, ticket stubs, award ribbons, and the like. You should assess the size and capacity of the album. You don’t want one in which you won’t be able to store all your photos or one too small or too big for your images. 

    Examine the Aesthetics of the Album

    Aesthetically pleasing items are a treat for the eyes. Hence, the design and appearance of an album should also govern your purchasing decision. Today, you can buy photo albums online in various styles, formats, and colour combinations. Wedding albums having printed covers and a chic print to treasure all your memories in an exquisite manner. But here too, ensure that you buy one whose size fits your shelf. It would be a great idea to bring home an album whose design does not clash with your d├ęcor. 

    Ease of Adding Labels to the Photos

    Adding labels becomes important in family photos when people would like to know who a specific person is. Over time, people forget about who they meet. Children never even get to meet some extended family members at all. In such a case, if you want future generations to remember those people, then adding labels is a must. When choosing a family album, pick one that enables you to insert labels easily. 

    Ease of Inserting Photos in the Middle

    It’s common for people to forget to add some photos after assembling their album. They might also receive some photographs from their friends or relatives afterwards. Albums that allow a person to insert more pages, especially in the middle, makes everything more convenient. Binder albums allow people to insert photos whenever they want.

    These helpful tips will certainly go a long way in helping you choose the proper album for your family photos. Basically, it all boils down to assessing what you want to store, its size, and its nature. Once you have that in place, you can easily buy photo albums online and choose from a variety of different designs to suit every need. You can then sit back and reminisce about the good times by flipping through your photo albums.

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