3 How to Tips to Measure Your Social Media Marketing Success

    Once you start with your online marketing and advertising regimen, you will find that you get a whole load of data that is not that easy to peruse and is somewhat troublesome to keep track of. The data that you get from Google Ads and Google Analytics can be quite a lot to go through,

    However, there is an easier way using which you can manage your marketing/advertising data. Google Data Studio is a free-to-use data visualization tool that allows you to easily gauge your marketing success. You can display your progress into an easily perishable report that can be effortlessly read and appreciated by your seniors and higher-ups.

    Here are some tips using which you can efficiently measure and display your marketing success stats in an easily perishable form. 

    Use Widgets to Visualize your Stats

    With Google Data Studio, you can use an unlimited number of widgets in your report. You can edit the added widgets by tweaking the metrics and customizing them to give your report a unique touch.

    In order to depict the progress of your ad and marketing campaign, you can add a time-series graph in your report. Similarly, you can choose from a variety of other options to find the widget that suits your need, and succinctly portrays the information in question.

    Get Data from Different Sources – All in One Report

    By using Google Data Studio, you can acquire data from twelve different sources. Using this feature, you can compile all the stats and information in a single report instead of making separate ones from different sources. You can get data from YouTube, Google Ads, and Google Analytics etcetera.

    Use Real-Time Reporting

    Another useful feature of Google Data Studio is real-time data reporting. Taking the records of the data and making a static report is one thing, but setting the stats to dynamically change in real-time is a completely different affair. You can set your report to update automatically as you share it with your co-workers or seniors. Any increase or decrease can be instantly shown in the stats.

    Boost your campaign with Google Data Studio

    Google Data Studio can passively help you in boosting your marketing/advertising campaign. When all the information is being so efficiently relayed and displayed, action can be taken more quickly. For decreases and defects, rectifications can be made while increases and opportunities can be enhanced and capitalized upon.

    Similarly, the ease with which all the information is shared between team members is also a contributing factor to the progress of the campaign.


    Measuring the success and progress of your campaign is important. By measuring the success of your endeavors, you can plan the steps you need to take in the future as well as realize which practices you need to retain for further progress. is a data analytic agency that provides a variety of services to its clients which include e-commerce analysis, digital marketing analysis, and app/product analysis. Aside from using Google Data Studio, you can also take the help of Eaglytics to determine the progress of your campaign and plan your next move forward.

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