Revolutionize Your Mascara Boxes With These Mind Blowing Tips

    Mascara is one of the most used makeup products and women cannot stay without using it. There is no doubt it gives a new identity to your eyes and makes them look prominent. Thick eyelashes look attractive and that is the popularity of mascara is never going down. Nowadays cosmetic brands aesthetically design mascara boxes that will gain a lot of attention from customers. It is a challenging task to design a mascara box but if you go by the latest trends things can become easy. You can customize the box according to the specification of the product. Here is how you can revolutionize your mascara boxes with these mind-blowing tips.

    A Fabulous Display of Mascara to Attract Buyers

    The users of makeup are women and it is not easy to attract them if the packaging is not up to the mark. The mascara boxes must complement the mascara that is packed inside. It is one of the most demanding products in the market. Women like to use mascara to Volumising their eyelashes that make their eyes look bigger. Mascaras are available in various forms including liquid, cake, and creamy forms. This substance is conveniently packed inside plastic containers and sturdy boxes. 

    If the packaging is attractive customers have this feeling that the product packed inside is luxurious too. Custom packaging helps to give an innovative display to the mascaras. With an alluring display, customers cannot take their eyes off the product. The packaging gives a long-lasting impact on the mind of customers. When you give a splendid and eye-catching look to your customer they will come back for more. 

    Using Quality Cardboard That Improves Brand’s Reputation

    Cosmetic brands are conscious when they choose a material for the manufacturing of cosmetic boxes. Cardboard is a perfect material as it is durable and sturdy. The mascara packaging boxes that are tear-resistant will protect mascaras from getting damaged. When you use quality materials for the manufacturing of boxes it gives a good image of your brand. Your customers will connect with you when they get quality mascara without any damages. Kraft and corrugated materials are also suitable for keeping different types of mascaras safe. Many customers are going green and when brands take an initiative to keep the environment safe they will be impressed.

    Engaging Styles and Designs for Mascara Packaging

    The mascara boxes wholesale are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Top cosmetic brands can use engaging styles and designs for the packaging. However, the packaging design has to be easy for the customer. If it is tricky the unboxing experience will not be good for them. You can pick the perfect size of the box according to the dimensions of the product. There are plenty of mascara packaging styles that will be innovative for the customers. Women will be impressed if you use vibrant color schemes for these boxes. The tuck end boxes, 1-2-3 auto bottom boxes, and sealed boxes are popular styles. If you have a window at the top of the box it will help the buyer take a look at the quality of mascara from the outside. Rectangular, pillow, and sleeve boxes are also common choices among many cosmetic brands. It helps you give an attractive display at the retail store.

    Foil Stamping For a Luxurious Look

    Cosmetic brands can purchase mascara packaging bulk and give a luxurious touch to it. Foil stamping is turning out to be a popular option. It is also an affordable option as compared to metallic boxes. When the exterior and interior of the box are attractive it will give the products an alluring outlook. Your beautiful mascaras will look glamorous with the foil stamping. The best thing is that foil stamping will help you display your logo and brand’s story in detail. Some graphics and 3D design motifs will further enhance the beauty of the box. All these tips and tricks will help you enhance sales instantly. The cardboard mascara box is printing friendly and you can use many options for it. Some good options include soft pink foil, rose gold, silver, gold, and bronze foiling.

    Unique Logos That Make the Brand Stand Out

    The custom mascara boxes that feature your logo will help you stand out among the crowd. It will also help customers differentiate your products from others. These boxes will become your free promotional tool and help enhance sales too. If you want to impress your targeted customers it will leave a footprint in their minds. The logo has to be meaningful and attractive at the same time that can deliver your story to the buyer. Nowadays top cosmetic brands are also making use of text-based logos and Wordmarks. There are endless options to create a logo for your brand. Some of the options include mascot, symbolic, and combination mark logo. 

    Mention Necessary Information about Mascaras

    Making use of custom printed mascara boxes can work wonders for the brand. Female buyers will like to know about the ingredients of mascara. They will also like to know about the expiry and production date. You can also let your customers know about the benefits of using your product. It will also be good if you can get directions of use printed at the top of the packaging. Customers can read all the information and decide whether the product is suitable for them or not. As mascaras are delicate they need to be stored in a cool place. If you guide your customers and print security instructions on the boxes they will be impressed.

    Protection of Mascaras

    Brands have to be cautious when they deliver cosmetics to the doorstep of customers. Mascaras are available in both black and brown colors. This is the reason why many cosmetic brands use black or brown as the color of the packaging. When it comes to the security of mascaras you have to be cautious. To protect your product from harsh weather elements making use of sturdy boxes is very necessary. You can also use extra dividers and cardboard attachments to keep mascaras safe from impacts and shocks. The sparkling and chic color choices will also enhance the beauty of boxes like never before. White mascara boxes are highly popular among females of all ages.

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