3 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Pipe Relining Instead of a Replacement

    Sydney has an estimated 5.4 million residents with about 1.9 million private dwellings. The city is widely known for being an expensive city but one of the most livable globally. And if you live in Sydney, you might be very well aware of how the season changes rapidly. It does not just affect how people live but also impacts plumbing systems.

    Industry research indicates that demands for residential plumbing are on a steady rise because of the residential building market. As a result, more homeowners seek the help of professionals not just for fixture and fitting installation but also for their essential repair and maintenance needs. 

    Meanwhile, these days, more people are opting for pipe relining in Sydney because there is minimal landscape disruption in this procedure. Compared to the traditional way of replacing entire sections drains, pipe relining is safer and much more cost-effective. So, here are three reasons why you should choose this:

    1. Cut Down on the Costs of Having Your Drains Repaired

    The traditional means of repairing a cracked or damaged pipe is to dig the whole thing and replace it with a new one. However, the process is much more laborious and time-consuming. It also took manpower and the needed excavation equipment, which added to the project’s overall costs.

    But, pipe relining takes away all the extras, including hiring excavating equipment and the needed manpower to do the digging. More of the expense with relining comes from the material used and the labour. It takes a significant cut on your overall expense because it removes all the unnecessary items and manpower. 

    Some additional factors why most homeowners opt for pipe relining in Sydney over the traditional trenching pipe repair is because of the quick turnaround. In addition, the process is not as laborious and intricate as the traditional pipe maintenance service, and you can keep installation costs down.

    1. Strengthen Your Existing Drains and Plumbing

    Relining uses epoxy resin to reinforce the old pipe by merging the pipes into a single unit. The process also eliminates weak joints, which often becomes the primary source of a problem. In addition, pipe relining promotes a better water flow by sealing off tiny holes and cracks. 

    It makes your old pipes as strong as brand-new ones because it reinforces damaged areas. The composite resin solution creates a barrier that prevents potential cracks from advancing. It is particularly helpful in repairing pipes that have been damaged by tree roots and where tiny holes are unseen. 

    Pipe relining is the practical solution if you do not want to damage vegetation but want to fix the pipes. It is a good way of rehabilitating an existing drain system and improving water flow. 

    1. Add More Value to Your Home 

    Your home’s drainage system is one of the potential selling points of your house. Although not any prospective buyer will see your drains, it is one factor during home inspections. A well-designed drain system will not just provide efficient waste drainage, but it can also be considered as an upgrade. 

    Meanwhile, pipe relining modernises your old and existing pipes without you having to deal with costly adjustments on your property’s selling price. A repair also addresses any underlying issue that might potentially decrease its market value. 

    Furthermore, having your drains relined by professionals means quality repair that can deter blockages from happening in the future. So, the key is to get a certified plumbing team who knows how to do pipe relining safe and effective.

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