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Sybase DBA?

Sybase is an enterprise software and services organization. It helps to manage, analyze the software, and mobilize information by using a Relational Database. A Sybase DBA is a (Database Administration) course that helps to manage and monitor the Sybase database.

With the help of Sybase DBA Training Online, you can easily crack the Sybase certification exam, and you can easily continue your training online. It also handles the subsystem databases, model, and tempdb.

Sybase DBA Course synopsis:-

From this training, we cover many topics that may help in to gain the Sybase DBA certification. We learn about Adaptive Server Enterprise during the Sybase DBA Training Online.

  • Learn about Adaptive Server Enterprise and Adaptive Server Databases.
  • What are the responsibilities of the System Administrator?
  •  Process of downloading ASE Software.
  • We learn how to Install the Adaptive Server.
  •  ASE Directory Structure.
  • Process of start and restart ASE Servers.
  • Learn about Interface files and windows sql.ini files.
  • We see how to maintain Interface files by windows and Linux.
  • What are LDAP directory services and working with database practics?
  • What do you mean by Configuration Values for ASE?
  • Modify and managing the Configuration Values.
  • We learn about Configuration Parameters.
  •  We cover Components of Memory in ASE.
  • How to the allocation of the memory in AES.
  • How can use memory for Adaptive Server?
  • We learn how to create a device for ASE and default devices.
  • We cover -Creating and expensing databases and data files.
  • We will learn the Allocation resource method for the system and user database.
  • We will cover an introduction of tempdb( Installation of multiple tempdb, binding, managing, and troubleshooting in the database). 
  • What is Access Concept and Proxy-Authorization?
  • Describe system roles and logins.
  • How can we handle the data from unauthorized persons?
  • Overview of the User-defined Roles and how to implement them.
  • Create the groups.
  • What are Bulk Copy Utility and checkpoints?
  • How can we recover automatically and also controlling the series of recoveries in the DBA database?
  • What are modifications and recovery automatically?
  • What is dbcc Command?
  • Setting process of dbccdb Database.
  • What is dbcc checkstorage?
  • We will cover the planning and backup process of the Sybase database.
  • Learn the backup process of the ASP server and also learn advanced backup techniques.
  • Process of monitoring the Sybase ASP server.
  • What are data replication and its advantages?
  • What are Server Threads, ID Server, and Failover Methods?

Before joining the Sybase DBA Course:-

  • If you are a beginner, then you should know the basic knowledge of SQL Server database.
  • How to handle the Unix window, Linux, and database server. 
  • This course is suitable for both fresher and professional.

Final verdict:-

This Sybase DBA Training Online helps to enhance your technical skills and understand how to work on a database. After completing the training, you can crack the Sybase Dba Exam, and you have the best skills to work in the IT sector.

Sybase DBA is online training so, you have saved your time and effort to complete the course.