Ping Test to Check Ping Time

    Any people are playing video games often with players worldwide for money. One of the factors which determine whether the player will win, is the time taken to connect to the game server and the time taken for the server to respond called the ping time. If the ping time is more, even the best player may lose the game. Hence many experts recommend that players should take a ping test at Those who are not familiar with pings will ask what is ping test. Hence detailed information on pings and ping testing is provided below.


    While playing competitive online/computer games like Fortnite, PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG), League of Legends (LoL) players who respond fast are more likely to win. While the response time depends to some extent on the reflexes of the player, it also depends to a large extent on the ping time. To find out the ping time, the user sends a request to a domain name or IP address using the command line of the operating system like windows. If the domain name or IP address exists, the user will get a response along with the time taken, the ping time.

    Ping test

    In addition to players of online games, there are others like webmasters who are uploading files or downloading files from servers. They would like to find out if the server they are working with is functioning properly since their time will get wasted if the remote server is slow. Since typing the ping command from the command line is very tedious and time consuming, most players and others prefer to use an automated tool for checking the ping time for their computer. Information on using the tool for ping testing is provided below

    Using the ping tool

    The ping test for checking the latency allows the user to test their computer ping with 20 different servers at a time. The procedure for using the ping tool is

    • It is advisable to close any other applications on the computer which use the internet, since they may make the internet connection slow and increase the ping time.
    • Clicking on the button “Start Ping-test” will initiate the ping test
    • Gradually, depending on the speed of the internet connection, a list of servers will appear along with the time taken to connect to them when tried to ping them from the user’s machine.
    • The user can check the ping time again after some time, by clicking on the button “Test Ping Again”

    Ping time

    Ping time is not important for most internet users, who are mainly browsing the internet. However, users who are playing competitive computer games like PUBG, LoL, Fortnite should test their ping time with the different servers to find a suitable server. Ideally, the player should choose a server with a ping time of 50 ms or less. If the ping time is 100 ms or more, the player’s performance because playing the competitive game will be adversely affected. Some of the reasons why the ping time is high are

    • the geographical location of the user is far away from the servers, which may be located in a different continent
    • the internet connection speed is less and the internet connection is not of good quality

      there are multiple devices like other computers, smartphones, televisions, using the same internet connection, reducing the internet connection speed

    • the firewall on the computer is not properly configured

      router used is old, and the performance is affected

    Reducing ping time

    Some of the effective methods of reducing the ping time, if it is high are listed below.

    • Close any internet applications, web browsers and other web browser tabs which are not immediately required
    • Disconnect other computers, laptops, TVs or gadgets which are sharing the same internet connection

      Update the drivers for the network cards, and the operating system for the computer to install the latest updates. Software for updating the drivers automatically may also be used.

    • Test the speed of the internet connection to check if it is fast enough

      Use a cable/wired internet connection instead of a wireless internet connection

    • Choose a game server which is closer to your geographical location, preferably the same country

      Contact the internet service provider (ISP) used to check if they can help in reducing the ping time.

    • Pingbooster may help in improving ping time.

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