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Setting up your first vehicle fleet for your business


Getting your first fleet of cars for your business can feel like a massive step forward, but it is a good idea not to get too carried away. Buying cars can be a costly experience, especially if you are looking to buy quite a few. With this in mind, it could be very beneficial for you to look to the second-hand car trade in order to purchase your first fleet and going to more than one garage could get you exactly the look that you desire.

Choosing your vehicles

You may feel that you would like all your business vehicles to be the same or very similar models to each other to give a uniform appearance. Well, this is indeed possible and if you are happy to purchase from the second-hand market in order to save your business some very valuable cash, then it should not be a problem either.

By hiring the services of a competent car shipping business that will deal with collecting the cars you choose from anywhere in the country, such as Shiply, and will look after your purchases while they are on transit to you, you will be able to concentrate your efforts on finding the correct models for you and at the best price. This is great because it will then broaden your horizons and give you a wider choice of available vehicles.

Make full use of your new fleet

Once you have your new fleet of cars, you could (if you wished) make full use of them by giving them a wrap makeover and using them advertise your business for you. This is a really good and cheap way of getting your business in the public eye in your local area, and if your fleet of cars travels far and wide, then so will your advertising.

Wraps come in various shapes and sizes, from window transfers to full-body wraps. It will get your business noticed. But remember that if you only have door transfers, then the only people that will see them are the ones side on, whereas if you have a full-body wrap, then your advertisement is visible from all angles regardless of whether the vehicle is parked or being driven along the highway.

Transfers and wraps do not damage the car’s paintwork, although they do have a lifespan that can result in the transfers lifting or cracking, but they are easy to replace when this happens.

Make them specific to your business

If you want to take your fleet even further into your business, you could apply to have vanity plates put on each of them and if you are smart, you may be able to come up with something that goes well with your business or even just your business initials as long as they have not already been taken by another person or company.

There will probably be a fee for registering your new 4d plates, and this will differ regarding which state you are in, but it can create a really good look for your business.