Exciting Marketing Careers for New College Graduates

     You’ve graduated, congratulations. During such difficult times, you deserve a bit of good luck as you enter the world of marketing. But what can you do with your new qualification? Fortunately, the marketing world is more diverse than you might have thought. Let’s look at some possible careers! 

    PPC Specialist

    As time goes on, social media advertising is only growing in prominence. What has once been considered a luxury is now a necessity for all brands wanting to grow their reputation in the industry. The problem? Very few businesses have the required experience to launch a successful social media ad campaign. Therefore, a new role has developed in the marketing world called a ‘PPC Specialist’. 

    Focusing on pay-per-click campaigns, you’ll help businesses to get their paid ad campaigns off the ground. You’ll work closely with brands, develop campaigns, plan a strategy, and continually optimise campaigns over time. If you thrive under pressure, this is a good option because you’ll be judged on results. 

    Social Media Manager

    For others, their skill lies in building and engaging with an audience rather than paid ad campaigns. If you’re nodding your head, you might want to become a social media manager. As the name suggests, you’ll manage the social media accounts of a specific business. What social media accounts are most important to the audience? How do you resonate with them effectively? What posts generate the most engagement? What times are most effective for posts? 

    As well as managing social media channels, you’ll also assess the potential of other channels and continually keep the business moving forward in this regard. 

    Marketing Employee

    Of course, those with a broad range of skills will be attractive to businesses needing marketing professionals. When hired into a marketing team, you’ll report to the marketing head and perform a variety of tasks (depending on the marketing strategy itself). 

    Agency Employee

    On the other hand, some choose to work for a digital marketing agency rather than a single business (like the fantastic King Kong). As an agency employee, your role will vary depending on the business. While some work with specific clients, others work with different clients every day. Some people enjoy the challenge that comes with differing circumstances, and this is something you just don’t get when working as a marketing employee in a business. You can contact King Kong for more info about the positions they currently have available. 

    Website Designer

    Elsewhere, many new college graduates specialise in website design. Therefore, you might choose to either join a website design company or work as a freelancer in this field. As explained in the PPC Specialist role, some businesses just don’t have the right skills and experience. Instead, they outsource to website design specialists, and this could be you. 

    Content Specialist

    Elsewhere, you might choose to create content for businesses whether as an employee of a business, an employee of an agency, or as a freelancer. This content could include the following: 

    • Articles 

    • Blog posts 

    • Videos 

    • Social media posts 

    • Infographics 

    • Live videos 

    Media Buyer

    Finally, you could enter the media buying field. Working on behalf of clients, you’ll negotiate and buy advertising space according to their needs, budget, and audience. Essentially, you’re the person who ensures that a business gets the right opportunities to shine and meet its audience effectively. Your work revolves around finding opportunities to advertise to a large number of people for the lowest possible cost. You might work across all fields or specialise in print, radio, film, TV, or the internet. 

    Congratulations on graduating with your university degree; it’s now time to put those fantastic skills to good use with these exciting marketing careers! 

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