The delineation for solving the affordable housing crisis, by Maxwell Drever

     Constructing affordable housing is a task filled with obstacles. Budget constraints, lack of land, and regulatory mechanisms are some of the challenges before the investors. The present problem has taken a global stance because of several issues. The low income of the vulnerable sections of society has compelled them to live on the outskirts of the cities. These individuals who came to the city centers for job opportunities never get affordable houses in and around the job location. Hence, the affluent sections of society have come forward to deal with this issue. However, there are a few obstacles that are associated with the strategy of affordable housing. To provide these individuals with safe and secure affordable housing, a joint venture of the public and private sector is necessary.

    A proper strategy for building affordable houses

    The first solution put forward by experts is that of proper planning. A blueprint is required so that these median income groups get shelter over their head. Providing them with low-cost residence is a challenging task. Getting cheap material, workforce, governmental regulations, and relaxations are not easy tasks. Hence, Maxwell Drever believes that the private sector will have to come forward with a comprehensive plan to provide low-cost housing to these individuals.

    Utilization of off-site constructions

    Another viable solution that investors can grab is the use of off-site construction plots. To develop modular buildings, they will have to look for low-cost land, reduce the construction time and seize quality control. In addition to this, the latest technology must form the backbone of these construction sites. All across the western world, various non-governmental agencies have come forward with different configurations. These are not only scalable but also adjust according to the needs and requirements of society.

    Standardize workflow and design

    Another area that investors will have to look into is standardized designs. Government and non-governmental agencies will have to make a joint endeavor to provide the workforce population with a low-income housing structure. Efficient projects and their due management have become the need of the hour. They will have to lay out the entire plan and put forward the step-by-step guide. By creating workflow templates, adhering to the rules and regulations of local municipalities, and making a standard catalog, these projects may turn into a reality.

    Lastly, proper integration of workflow and technology is the need of the hour. These housing projects are a challenge, undoubtedly. Hence, Maxwell Drever expresses that national and international agencies will have to build their potential to cater to the requirements of the present society. Only having a proper plan is not the end of the game. Detailed layout and its due execution are necessary. There must be a procurement team to evaluate the blueprint and turn it into reality. 

    Apart from this, governments will have to come forward with tax relaxations and support policies to complete the projects within time. Hence people must solve this crisis to help others with medium income. 


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