Top Reasons to Use Car Decals to Advertise Your Business

    If you have a small business with a local presence, there is little point in advertising on conventional mass media like newspapers and TV. Most small businesses, anyway, cannot afford the steep costs. However, when you need high visibility for your brand among your local target audience, there is perhaps nothing better than car stickers and decals. A quick look at why an increasing number of businesses is turning to car stickers for boosting their brand presence and driving conversions:

    Expands Business Reach

    Because of the high brand visibility, you achieve with stickers fixed on your delivery trucks and service cars, you can depend on them for getting your message across to thousands of potential customers spread all across the town. The good thing about using car stickers is that they continue to advertise your business as the vehicles move all around the town and even when parked. Nobody can resist stealing a look at a vehicle attractively decked up with brand promotion stickers when passing by a parked car or following one in the traffic. Also, because the advertisements themselves are moving, you don’t have to incur the expense and hassle of advertising all over the town to get your message across. Of all the low-budget methods of local advertising, car stickers are undoubtedly the best.

    Powerful but Non-Intrusive Advertising 

    When you use custom car decals on your company vehicles, they stand out from all the others on the road and cannot help attract attention from pedestrians and motorists alike. It is difficult not to look at a truck emblazoned with colorful stickers when it passes you by or is just ahead of you in the traffic. The great thing about vehicle wraps is that while they serve to grab attention, they are not intrusive and distract drivers from paying attention to the road. With the choice of viewing the advertisements left to the customers, car sticker advertisements tend to be noticed more. It helps better brand recall, especially with repeated exposure. Because car sticker advertisements are passive, they have none of the negativity associated with intrusive TV, radio, or even internet advertisements. According to Money, a survey has revealed that as much as 64% of respondents report having noticed a vehicle with decals.

    Adds to Credibility 

    With the car sticker advertisements seen by everybody on the road, regardless of whether they are potential customers or not, the brand enjoys a high recall with everyone. Additionally, with the vehicles moving all over the place, it gives the impression you are a flourishing and large business even if you fix the stickers on just a few cars. With the high degree of visibility of the business and the brand, people believe it is a reputed and a big business.


    Undoubtedly, the biggest reason for businesses to use car sticker advertising is its superior return on investment. The high ROI is due to a combination of factors. Firstly, car stickers are inexpensive; hence they are affordable for all businesses. Secondly, the high visibility ensures enhanced brand awareness and higher conversions. Lastly, the car stickers last long and require very little maintenance. 

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